Hard rejected. I need your advice. Thank you!

Hello! What is wrong with this track? I need your advice. Thank you for your help.

Hey there,

  • I quite like it in the later part of the track. Maybe the intro is too long. At 0:10 min I somehow thought there would be some more action already, but it was some kind of second intro starting suddenly. Also this drop-alike hit later sounds a bit dull to me and does not fit in my opinion. I would try to delete the part from 0:10 to 0:24 min so that the “first intro” already ends in the “action” at 0:24 min.
  • Another thin might be the mix: maybe the guitars could need more highend? I am not 100% sure here, since there are tracks on AJ already with a similar tune, I guess. Not sure regarding the mix, after all, sorry. :smiley:
  • The part from 0:45 min suddenly feels like taking out the flow. Maybe you could stay in the rhythm (no halftime here) and come up with another kind of b-part from there, which does not takes away this cool flow? Similar thing later maybe.
  • At 1:33 min it sounds like you hit a wrong note somehow. Maybe it’s intended but at least to me it does not feel right there.

Overall I think this could be a cool track on AJ. So good luck the next time. :slight_smile:

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Hi Tagirijus! Thank you for your attention and advice.:slightly_smiling_face:

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