Music hard rejected, please help me understand!


I had another hard reject but can’t really understand why this track was rejected.
Is it so far off the standards?
Can anyone please give some tips on what I’m doing wrong?
Or how can I improve it?

Thanks for helping!

The rhythm guitar at the start and on, is better played with a acoustic guitar with a mic in front of it. Think that will do.

Thanks a lot for the suggestion, I’ll try that. Even though I don’t have an acoustic one I’ll see what I can do with the program effects.

But, for a hard rejection, maybe that alone won’t work…

I really don’t think that switching to an acoustic is what you need to do to pass review.

There are mixing issues as well as development (if that’s a thing) issues.

Mix issue:

  • Drums are weak
  • Guitar lead with delay is much too loud and covers everything else.
  • Guitar playing the chords is a bit muddy and there’s something with the distortion, like there’s been some clipping maybe.
  • Bass is too subtle, almost not there.
  • Guitars sound like they’re both at the center. You should pan them. Same thing for the reversed guitar.

Composition issues:

  • Track is much too long. Standard running time for AJ tracks is 2 min. This is not a golden rule and there are many exceptions, but something to keep in mind and aim for when you start out.
  • Track is too repetitive. The rhythmic guitar plays the same four chords over and over with the exact same pattern all the way through.
  • The lead guitar doesn’t really play any melody. It’s more atmospheric which is fine, but then it should be pushed in the back. You may want to come up with a more define melody (though you may be able to pull it off without)
  • The very ending ends abruptly mid-chord. Sounds like a draft you did not polish.
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Wow that’s some really nice tips. Really thanks for the comments. I will revise the whole track based on that and them will post here the finished one.
Even though I’ve been playing for years I’m new to this stock music as you can tell, and I had no real clue as to why the track was rejected, but now I have something to aim for :blush:

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AudioJungle have really weird reasons for rejections. Its pretty well known. Great tracks often get rejected and awful ones get accepted. Best thing is to just go onto the next track and upload the rejected ones to other libraries.

Having said that, the tips above are good. 2mins is certainly a key length but does depend on the style of music.

There are so many reasons for rejection! I think the advice by @PurpleFogSound is brilliant and all I can add is that he is 100% correct