Hi friends, I really need your help

Hi friends, I really need your help. AJ doesn’t accept my music, all rejections, already more than 20 pieces. Many people, say that the music is good, background, sounds good, suitable for videos or presentations. Some even took it to ringtones on their phone.
Here is a link to my tracks.
Please listen to it and explain to me the reason for the rejections. I will be very grateful for your help.

Hello. I listened to all the tracks. Almost all of them have the same disadvantages. The composition does not develop, sometimes additional parts are added, but this is not enough. They are mostly built on one loop. The drum parts are primitive. In general, the tracks sound flat, there is no dynamics. This is just my opinion, do not be offended, there may be real reasons for rejection in something else.

Hello. Thank you so much for your point of view. I never thought that my tracks have primitive drum parts. I didn’t quite understand about the flat sound. There is little reverb, or something else is missing, because I can hear that there are instruments in the background and in the foreground.

Hi! I agree with @RhinoSpirit, Sorry to say it. :frowning_face: Besides i’ve noticed some out of place sfx and a lot of parts are overcomplicated (like “Energetic positive electric pop background” bassline in the beginning) while others are too simple (drum parts). Got to find the golden mean :slight_smile:

Sorry that I wrote it is not clear about the flat sound. I chosen the words more precisely: the tracks sound like a demo.

Got it. A balance of simplicity and complexity, the thing is very complex and fragile. We need to work on this. Thanks for this comment.
I listened to your music. Rock sounds cool. Respect

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Thanks, but didn’t quite understand what that means. Is there something missing, some frequencies, saturation, or do you need more air?

Thank you :slight_smile: Good luck with producing :metal: :grinning:

I think more harmonics are needed, something is wrong with frequencies. Maybe just saturation will be enough, or maybe you need to work with the equalizer when mastering. The goals can be achieved in different ways, everyone chooses which one is more convenient for him. Find references for yourself and try to bring your sound as close to them as possible. Hope you will receive an “Approved” email next time. :wink:

Hi, all the tracks sound robotic, maybe an arrangement software was “used” :wink:

Yes, clearly, working with references is very important. But, unfortunately, this is not my strongest point. Thank you for advice.

No, it was all done by hand. Possible flaws. I didn’t think that this, in the sense of robotic, or highly quantized sound, would be heard. In general, as I understand from all the comments, everywhere you need to refine. Thank you for your comment. I will definitely take this into account in my future work.

I listened to your music. Indeed, yours is all recorded live, and mine, compared to yours, sounds too robotic. I really liked the “4 way drive” theme.

I think the tracks are too complicated as background music. There is too much going on and there are no defined themes. Also in some tracks there are dissonances, in other words notes that don’t belong in the key you’re music is in. Sometimes that’s done as an effect but here it sounds random.
Good luck!

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Hello. Thank you for expressing your opinion. It is important. I like my music, some jazz melisms, syncopation and other techniques. It is a pity that for me the line is not clear where it is appropriate and where it is not

The production is mechanical.I am not talking about ‘jazz influences’ , polyrhythms and some adiatonic chords progressions. Everything sounds pure sequenced. You need to improve your production techniques regarding the velocities and dynamics.Not compressing.The basic concept of microdynamics.Not mixing wise,but production wise. Maybe your music skills are good, but it really doesn’t reflect in the tracks you have uploaded.Everything is hard quantized and the velocities are set to maximum values.The chord progressions and leads are way too convoluted.’ Keep it simple.Jazz is an amazing music, but it breaths and lives and despite everything one may think, there is discipline and mathematics behind that scareful music:) . Please , take everything with a bit of salt.We are not trying to discourage you or mock your musical skills.Just trying to explain your mistakes and help . Keep working. Have a nice one.


Hey @Radio_Parma, I heard some of your tracks and can only totally agree to the opinion of the other commentators. You songs sounding robotic. And even if you try to play Jazz - it doesn’t sound like Jazz. I miss a concept behind your music. Sometimes your music sounds randomly played. It’s hard to describe.
And for the dynamics: This let your music breathe and come to life. You should spend way more time for instruments dynamics. If I compose an orchestral track, I spend hours for the dynamics on my different instrument tracks and drawing the expression and dymamic curves to the right levels and time. Dynamic and expression. Without that, the music sounds even more robotic. I think, your composing skills are not bad. But actually there would be no chance for you to sell your tracks here.
Try to hear some tracks of the successful composers here, analyze their concept, their production, their mixing and composing. But in the name of the lord: DO NOT TRY TO COPY THEM. Learn from, but do not copy.


For your, and many other advice and comments, I came here. No offense, there is a misunderstanding. I did the first track for half a year, and got a hard refusal, but I didn’t understand what was the matter. However, if a lot of people are talking about the same thing, it makes sense to work on it. I’m talking about dynamics in music. But this is a very long and tedious process. Hope it’s worth it. Thank you friend.

Hello. Your thoughts are clear to me. But it’s not entirely clear why there is no chance to sell the tracks? I listen to a lot of other authors, both successful and not so successful. I do not try to copy and imitate. But I noticed that some of their tracks are monotonous, boring, poorly mixed … but at the same time they are accepted and sold (perhaps this is my very subjective opinion). And my tracks are just rejections. There is only one answer - it does not correspond to the general commercial quality. But this is very abstract. Working on the dynamics, I already understood that. The tracks should be moderately simple and somewhat varied, I also understood. But what is general commercial quality? Poorly mixed? Don’t have a musical idea? Or all together? Many colleagues in my main job claim that my music is just from the stock category. Unfortunately, I have no one to study music production from, either for stocks or for radio. Thanks buddy. I will continue to work.

I believe I wrote that in an old post here on the AJ board. In my first 5 submissions here I was trying my best to get accepted. I even wasn’t expected to be rejected in the first place. All the tracks were live recorded on analog gear, mixed, and mastering. My musical background is other than stock music. So I got all tracks rejected. I didn’t understand why. In my opinion, they were spotless. Then I was trying to understand ‘what is commercial use’ for stock music. This category is background music, musical support for various video productions, podcasts, trailers, etc. If my music will take too much space it will become the focal point of the listener/viewer. There is a thin line which you must find. Indeed, some of the tracks in the stock market category may sound dull and lack complexity but they are what they meant to be. The mix quality is a subjective matter. You will get tons of opinions regarding sound. Just get the mix balanced right. Unless you get weird resonances or really unbalanced elements, this will not be a reason for rejection. Focus on the music and the vibe. Cheers.