Need help with rejected track...

Hi everyone. This track was just rejected. It is the first music that i uploaded on audiojungle.I need any feedback on it, is it bad at all, or maybe after changing something, it will be approved? Please please help . Btw, there is 2 version in one track.

you can’t use real sound effects. you make it not usable for most cases, editors can add their own rain etc how its without the rain? sounds cool

I added both versions. With rain sound and without. But i got hard reject…

Ofoucre no need for real sound fx. maybe the reviewer heard only the rain one. on the other hand if you want to be certain that it will get approved you could do some stuff.

First of all this is a great emotional track, just the mix could be better:

Piano has a bit too much low frequencies, choir and all song could be cleaner and more atmospheric and ethereal. everything else is “drowned” from the piano , only piano is hearable. You could fix it

Good luck!

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Thank you very much! I will try to make changes :slight_smile:

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Oh crap i loved this rain version :open_mouth:

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