I need your opinion about my rejected track



Hello, all fellow authors on Audiojungle, today my music submission was rejected and that’s a bit of unexpected since I was sure about my track. Or is it because I also distributed it to some major music digital stores? I can’t see any mistakes, but if you can tell me about one or two things that perhaps I missed out there?

Anyway here is the track: Demise Studio - Ambient Soundtrack

On that track preview There was a SFX that I was intended to put it there and the one I uploaded to Audiojungle didn’t have any SFX on it. But, overall, it’s the same mix and master.
So, if you kind enough to tell me what exactly this track has ended on a rejection.

Thanks, :slight_smile:


Hi - It’s a nice arrangement. However, the mix and sound have issues. The guitar is harsh sounding. It requires some EQ to smooth it out. There is severe volume pumping throughout. Overall the mix is thin and not very balanced across the frequency spectrum. Consider listening to some top selling Ambient tracks in AJ and comparing your mix with them. Hope it helps. Keep working to improve it. :slight_smile:


Hi, thanks for your detail advice. I see the problem now as you stated the severe volume pumping, and I think that is the obvious reason of the rejection. I can see it on the audio wave also. So yeah maybe polishing the EQ and put the right dynamics adjustment will do good on this track. I’ll try it out then!

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Hi, I like the track, it’s very calming. I would ditch the rain sfx altogether. As a video maker, the sound really limits the usability of the track as rain sound over a scene with no rain in it would be weird.
If you have recorded that rain sound yourself, you could sell it on here separately as a sound effect.

I think AJ rejected it because there is no real movement in the arrangement. it is the same chord progression repeated for 3 minutes and I think AJ are looking for a little more variation. It’s a very atmospheric track, but it has no real defining moments and doesn’t really have any sense of musical journey, i.e. it doesn’t move from point a to b to c etc… That’s not to say that it should have a structure of verse chorus verse bridge etc., just that perhaps it should evolve harmonically.