Why was my track rejected?

Hi to anyone reading this. I recently uploaded a track to audiojungle that i spent quite some time on, and it was unfortunately rejected. I was wandering if anyone could listen to it and tell me what to improve about it. thanks :slight_smile: . I will take critisism.
Listen here:

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Hi, thanks for the feedback about my track;) As for your track: I think this track is too long, each part of the track takes a long time, you can reduce everything by 1/3; plus it seems that the track is about to open in the higher frequencies, but no, everything seems to sound “far away”, there are no instruments with high frequencies, I think this is a problem in the mix. Summarizing, I see two problems: 1) Length, that is, long development. 2) Mixing, the track sounds middle, there is no breathing, but it is created at higher frequencies. This is again my subjective opinion :slight_smile:


Thank you for the feedback. What instruments do you suggest i should add for the higher frequencies? Should i narrow the synths aswell so they dont sound so far away?

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Yes, they’ll bring the main lead closer, raise their high frequencies, make hi-hat brighter, the piano sounds great, in general, the composition’s brightness is not enough. I listen to the track in the monitor headphones and still there are no high frequencies, but although there should be a lot of them in the headphones) maybe you have something to monitor in the studio, or this is your artistic move, in any case it’s not a commercial sound, here this is tough)


Thank you so much, I will look out for this in the future aswell as fixing it in this track. Hopefully it will be accepted the second time round. :grin::+1:

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a little long intro, motive and melody stands out very strongly, for a video is not very good, because of this you got reject. Try to make item without access beautiful things like melody, chords, fx and many more.


You can’t download them again;)


Wrong mixing. Sound is muddy, too many low mid frequencies. Piano interferes with the synth pluck arp. Plucked strings have too much reverb and no brightness, etc.

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Thank you :+1:

Generally, your track has a dark mixing sound, I like it personally but unfortunately on AJ I wouldn’t take such risk, it’s more fun to enjoy your track than to use it commercially.
the thing about making music on AJ, you need to lower your expressive/artistic bar a little and focus more on the functional bar.

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Cool, thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Sound is muddy.


nice idea, I like the sound at the start, maybe a little bit low and dark, but I like it. I listened a reversed cymbal at 0:59 that sounded weird to me. I would do this more clear. I really like this dark sound, as ambient I think this could work well in productions. I think you need a simple and clear melodic line, In general it sounds quite repetitive to me. You do some voices but in some point they are competing with each other… which could be a little bit confusing.
More things… I noticed, one melodic line (quite simple and barely distinguisahble, discret) is in the same pitch as the main chord? Maybe you can change this and put them in a different pitch height, as they have a different role… just for try…
hope can helps
Good luck and beers! :slight_smile: :beer: :beer: :beer:

Cool, thanks for the feedback :+1: . What sort of riser sound do you suggest instead of the cymbal?

maybe the cymbal is ok, but the reverb… too much… my opinion.

Cool. I’ll still try and find some better risers anyways. Cheers for the feedback :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:.

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this track is a technical marriage! the lack of high frequencies in the track indicates that you have problematic control (you don’t hear that you have a track in which there are so few high frequencies that this is unacceptable to music) - it will never be sold (and you won’t receive anything with such quality)!
I am a sound engineer and I recommend that you professionally deal with the control (monitor and amplifier) and then make music. (you cannot mix music on headphones)

Thank you for the feedback, don’t really understand the term “technical marriage”, but i will listen to my music through monitors as well. Will definately keep a closer look on the mixing in future. :+1:

“This track is technical marriage” means that everything is in order with the music: someone may need such a melody and arrangements, but someone may buy it … But! The reviewer strongly rejected this, since technical quality is not acceptable for commercial sales. No one will buy it! No treble!