Why was my track rejected?

if your speakers are “Yamaha” - take 3 layers of toilet paper and close the tweeter (then you will have “honest control”) … or buy “Dinaudio”

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Hi @AndrewSeymour!
I agree with all guys.
First impression - track is awesome! I think what reject is not deserved. But then I’m understand what i am waiting for musical and emotional development… But it is not coming! After two minutes i feel what i listen four bar loop. You add some instruments and new arrange but it is not works for me…
Its my opinion. I think that is main problem.
I hope for your understand and good luck for new works;)

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Thanks for the feedback I will try on work on musical development in my future tracks :slight_smile: :+1:

I will try that :joy:

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Ok, I guess I should’ve have pitched up a couple of the melodies to balance it out. Thanks :+1:.

Dear Mospiration, I found your comment very useful. Could you please also help me with my rejected track. I couldn’t understand what I made wrong
Thank you in advance!