Hey, new here! Question about rejection?

Hey, I’m new here, good to meet you, I hope you all are good!
So I have few questions about ‘quality standards’, to start off here at AudioJungle I actually uploaded few pretty bad quality tracks just for testing purposes to see if they would get rejected, and to my surprise a track got accepted so I thought the review process is not that strict. I thought if I can make a track in minutes and it’s good enough to bypass the review I can put more of my time into this and write some decent music and get some sales going. I’m about to delete the track that got accepted because I don’t think it’s any good but if you want to hear it it’s still in my profile.
But here is what happened today, I got a hard reject for a track I worked on for few days, the reason was “doesn’t meet the general commercial quality standard” and they referred me to the forums for advice. I was pretty confident that it would get accepted if the ‘bad one’ got accepted.
So here is the track that got rejected if anyone cares to listen to it and let me know what do you think is wrong with it? Maybe I have lost the perspective working on it for few days straight and I can’t see it, so I was hoping a second pair of ears could be really helpful. I have few minor suspicions why it was rejected but I would like to hear from you first!

Thanks in advance!

The irony is that sometimes the authors work on a track for many, many hours, think through every moment, and eventually the track is rejected) And when they spend a couple of hours getting work in the style of “oh, come on!”- this work is accepted!) Many people at the forum wrote about this.
As for this track, there are some problems in it:
-Balance of loudness, too much bass. Or incorrect bass equalization
-The acoustic guitar sounds somehow strange (maybe not the most successful library is chosen) + this guitar sounds loud and “close”
-The progression of the chords is not entirely correct. The last chord = the first chord. Because of this, some impression is created that the track plays like a loop. In the track there is no change of theme - this further aggravates the situation.
-If the track was planned as a work in the “corporate” style, then the synth that sounds there is not inherent in this genre.
But all this is just my opinion. Cheers!

Hey, thanks for your reply and opinion, much appreciated! You could be true about the leveling, I started to work with new monitoring gear just now and I’m not 100% used to it yet, still getting to know it (plus the room is not treated yet).
About the synths in corporate genre, I actually thought that people want something new, because I read that no one is trying to be creative and everyone just uses the same instruments, ukulele and plucked guitars and there is nothing fresh around so I kind of wanted to do something different, but I guess that depends on the taste and in my opinion should be subjective and not the reason to reject a track in an ideal world. :slight_smile:
And again, thanks for your input, helps a lot!