Music Rejected

Hello Authors,

Seems like it’s a common occurrence to have your music rejected. I’ve tried three cues now with no success; the reason usually being, “This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.”

So below is my latest rejection. Any thoughts on why? All the files were uploaded with the required specifications so it couldn’t be that. Mixing perhaps? I really have no idea since I’m new here. Thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


It is very similar to an existing one ( I don’t remember exactly where similar motive) maybe a reviewer decided that it would be “plagiarism”.

Sounds great to me… i wonder why this was not approved… it oozes quality in my opinion.

Thanks for the replies and feedback. I figured it had to sound good enough to be approved, but I guess it is quite possible that it could sound too similar, considering how many tracks there are on AJ, although I’ve never heard it.

How drastically would I have to change it to resubmit it? I know it’s a hard reject, but if I took a different approach, and tried the same thematic feel, is the quality good enough that a different melodic approach might have a better chance?

No. This sounds similar to the official “logo” of some film Studio. I don’t remember exactly.

I agree there - and I learned a word (to ooze). :slight_smile:
I really don’t understand what is wrong with this track, except yes, maybe, that it sounds similar to any “blockbuster movie logo”, but this is the goal I guess!!

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Yeah this is great. I try not to get frustrated but the review process just seems to have zero predictability.

Yes that was the goal! But I guess instead of missing the mark, I hit it too hard. Thanks for your thoughts everyone!

ridiculous rejection, this is good sounding, and i think it would be useful in many projects
sometimes I can’t understand reviewers but I have to say that my rejections are quit fair
keep uploading and good luck!

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and also if they reject items which have similarities with others track they should erase the whole community

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