Another new user here curious why my first submission was rejected

I got this message back:

"Thank you very much for your submission. After much consideration it has
been decided that this submission does not meet our commercial
production (recording/mixing/mastering) standard, and our commercial
composition/arrangement standard, unfortunately. "

With this description, I’m not sure if the track just sucks or if there’s some technical aspect I did wrong. It would be nice if AudioJungle was a little more specific, but any any help from yall is appreciated. Thanks!

The lead melodies cause some problems. It would take over the film focus.
Hi hat should be more placed like in real drum mixes.

The bass line is cool!

Thank you so so so so much for replying! I’m having a hard time seeing how I can continue on this site if I don’t know why a track is rejected. Are you in anyway affiliated with Envato/AudioJungle, or are you another author? I see on these forums it appears to be authors guessing why each others works weren’t accepted. I think it would be much more effective if AudioJungle was a little more specific, though I do realize they are inundated with a ton of material to review every day.

This first track that I submitted is part of an album that I mixed/mastered together, so it’s good to know that the production quality may not be the reason for rejection, otherwise I wouldn’t submit any other track from that album.

Your comment about the lead melodies makes a lot of sense to me. I only submitted one track file, and I’m wondering if it would’ve made a difference for me to submit multiple…one without the lead melodies, etc… This was a hard reject, so I if I understand correctly, I’m not allowed to submit this idea again even with changes.

These are real live drums, so your hi hat comment is curious to me.

I think I’ll try to submit another track, but this time with multiple iterations. I gotta admit though, while I’m totally fine with rejection, it’s completely deflating to not know the reasons why. Thank you again, so much, for your reply!! :slight_smile: