First two tracks hard rejected - advice appreciated!

Hi there,

So I’ve just had hard rejections for the first two tracks I’ve uploaded to AudioJungle. I received the generic “isn’t at the quality standard required” feedback, so am really not sure where I went wrong. I can currently only upload two tracks a month, so would rather not repeat the same mistakes again. Any feedback/thoughts on what they might be would be much appreciated…

Many thanks!

IMO, they’re roughly mixed and have almost midi sounding instruments (vst electric guitar is a no go in my opinion). Take some time to listen to existing corporate tracks on the site, you’ll get the point. My advise is to use about the same instrumentation as other authors to encrease the chances for approval. The composition itself is fine. Would be great to record live instruments. Good luck! :upside_down_face:

Thanks for the reply, Adam, that’s really helpful.