Rejected, can I as Your and opinion/advice?

Hi friends!
My tracks are rejected. The answer is almost always the same: “Thank you very much for your submission. After much consideration it has been decided that this item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.”
I’ve gone through the forum, made few similar tracks for education, and still… don’t understand what is my mistake? What can I improve/correct?
Filling / mixing / mastering? I will be very thankful to hear your opinion!
Have onely great sales !!! And a magnificent week!

Karolina “KalaFonia”

Examples of rejected tracks

Head Up
Teddy Bear
Ready To Launch

I think you have good musical ideas that could sell good on platforms like AJ.

After listening through tracks you’ve provided, here are my suggestions on improving them:

  1. Production - try isolating each element from the arrangement and work on its production/sound design. A lot of elements in your songs sound kind of boring.
    (they are not “bad” or “wrong”, but simply good sounds isn’t enough for today’s standarts. Stock library probably hears it as something outdated, raw or “out of the box”.)

  2. Arrangement - lack of third dynamic layer. For a lot of elements in your arrangements it would be helpful if there were other elements on the background supporting them.
    e.g. “Head Up” - rhythm section lacks background layer, and as a result feels uneven and motionless. some quiet subtle percussion on the back, shakers, reverb, delays, or interesting fx could fill this gap.
    “Teddy Bear” - same thing with the shaker on 1:36, too dry and lonely there, with no other element supporting it.
    “Ready to Launch” - same thing with the marimba like sound in the melody in 0:25.

  3. Structure - when copy-pasting sections/loops, make sure you are bringing something new to the table with each duplicated section.
    (all stock music is meant to serve as background to something, and usually that means chopping, slicing, switching places etc… so there is no point in duplicating the same part twice.)
    e.g. “Ready to Launch” - second half of the track is just duplicate of the first part, only without claps. That’s too repetitive.

  4. Mixing - Overall your mixes are too boomy, try being more careful with the bass. Also they are too dull, so try making sounds more juicy and crisp. Subtle distortion, saturation, enhancers, guitar amps, tape emulators etc… can be helpful.

Hope I could help,

Good luck!

Wow! Thanks for that extensive review! Got the idea, got very good info from You! Will work on those tracks.
I have to admit, I kinda was aware of the things about “structure” and repetitiveness but thought it’s ok with those tracks /enough/.
Many thanks again!

Best regards!
Have a great weekend!