Feedback for rejected item ( because of not meeting the Production standards)

Hi everyone, this is my third subscription to audio jungle that’s been rejected. the only good news for me is that unlike the first two efforts, it seems that the problem with my third item is Production ( recording . mixing , mastering ) quality as this is the only thing that’s been mentioned in the Email.
So any feedback would be very appreciated as I really don’t seem to find what is exactly wrong with my production. I mean I know the mix is not “Good” or anything special but for stock music, it sounds ok to me.
Thank you very much for your time

I played your song out of curiosity (because my track was rejected as well) and my first impression on my Tannoy active speakers (which are not big) is that there is too much level in the low freq from your bassline. Everything in the track is desperately trying to get above it but most dynamics get sucked away (which is what low frequencies do as a rule).
Hope that helps!

btw, mine got rejected for mixing standard as well as commercial standard.
I think I’ll never be able to get anything published on something like audiojungle, their criteria are way too commercially oriented.


Thank you very much Bruce , I guess you’re right about the low end problem , I must have over emphesised the lows in the mastering stage. Anyway so "not meeting the Production ( recording . mixing , mastering ) " means that arrangement and composition etc are ok and I can mix the song again and resubmit ?
I also listened to your track , I think it sounds beautiful and also can be suitable for commercial work , but the problem I can see is that the arrangement is definitely not suited for commercial stuff , it’s way too long and the form is far away from commercial music. but as I said I think you can rearrange it to a 2-3 min verse chorus commercial form , just listen to top sellers and you get the idea.
in terms of mix quality I think it sounds ok , just a little bit mudy, I think it can be wider and brighter too.
thanks again

Yeah they have different criteria. For my track they specifically mentioned that I cannot re-submit it.
So whether I make it shorter etc. doesn’t matter at all. You have to check this.
I posted this track for the Ambient genre, which is full of New Age songs aimed at meditation and stuff like that. My track is just not your typical New Age track with the floating synth pads etc. Everything has been recorded acoustically. I think that is the real reason it is rejected.
I agree the mix can sound brighter, but to my ears it sounds just perfect to ease your mind. One would think the genre implicates a mild and soft sound … Oh well, I have listened to tracks here and there and audiojungle has no place for originality; that much is clear to me.
Good luck!

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The idea is nice,but to be honest,it sounds terrible :confused:

This kick sounds waay too deep,so change that,also some of the sounds (especially lead synth) sound very dry,use some reverb,delay.

There is also some clashing of the frequencies,use low cut on everything that is not kick and bass.

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yes this is true, I highly recommend that you upload the track on other websites, just because AJ didn’t find it suitable doesn’t mean that other stock music websites think the same way.
best of luck

Thank you very much for listening to the track, I have to admit that It sounds terrible to me too now that I listen to it with fresh ears. I mixed it in one day or two and upload it right away.
I have a question for you:
the track has been rejected for not meeting the production ( recording . mixing, mastering ) standars, so 1) It means that the arrangement , etc are ok right?
2) If mix is the only problem, does it mean that I can mix it again , improve it and resubmit ?
Thank you again

To answer your questions:

  1. You’re never certain about this. In my opinion the arrangement needs some work to.
  2. Yes. If you’re track is substantially different and improved you’re allowed to submit it again.
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Just one more thing to the record here: the side-chain compression (or whatever is causing the heavy pumping throughout the track) is way too hard. It’s sucking my ears in and out with every beat, which is cool in a club or a dj set, but for stock music it could be a rejection reason on it’s own.

Thank you for your help and feedback , but how can I improve my track when I don’t even know what is exactly wrong with it . I mean, if the mix was the only problem as they say in the email, it was no problem for me to mix it again from scratch but it looks like they just send some random emails for rejected songs .
Thank you

Hi ! that’s a very helpful tip. I appreciate it I used the kick start plugin that I recently bought , I used it on almost every track lol