Audiojungle did not accept my track

Hello! I want to start selling my music through Audio Jungle but I received a rejection message due to “commercial quality standards”. What’s wrong in my track? I would be glad to receive your feedback.

Hi, I’m no an expert, I still learning from experts here, so I really like your job you did a good job, but I guess there are some instruments that you have to change or upgrade also I guess you have to work more on mixing and mastering, other advice is to generate a wave file and check it’s loudness penalty here it can help :
Loudness Penalty: Analyzer

Also, check other experienced authors comments in the forum it can help, there are many authors having amazing skills like the comment of ’ Daydreamz-Studios’ here in this post, Damn that guy has 100 ears lol :

Good luck

Hi Cult_Music,
welcome to the forum. At first: don’t worry about your first rejection. Nearly everyone of us catched one or more rejections. The mentioned reason “doesn’t meet the commercial quality standards” is very generic, I know. It’s good to know at this point, that the AJ reviewers doing their best as possible to get the huge amount of new tracks reviewed, day by day. They review your song with the most important direction: Will it sell or not?
And that’s also the reason, that the reviewers are not able to explain the rejection reasons in detail. That would be very time consuming and would end in endless discussions with the authors. So it’s the best way to simply accept their decision - they are very experienced. They reviewed your track and found out, that it will not sell in the actual state. It would be not helpful for you, if they accept the track and you will not get a single sale. With this decision you know now, that you have the chance to improve your knowledge and work for the next time.
What’s wrong with your track? I see some issues. But take this as my personal opinion.
At first, the category for the track is good in my opinion.
Now to the issues (something will sounding a bit exaggerated to you, don’t be worried).
In my ears and my impression:

  • the concept of the song intro is good. I like it until the time 00:37 - then it runs into chaos
  • your mix is horrible “muddy”. There’s no frequency separation to the different instruments. I guess you took the instrument presets as it is without any EQ-ing. A good example is your main snare. This snare has way to much low frequencies. Also all other instruments have too much low freqencies. If you put all the low frequencies together, you’ll get a result in the end, what we call “muddy”
  • every instrument ha a so called “sweet spot”. You can (by example) find it out, if you’re moving a bell EQ back and forth. In the same way you can eliminate annoying frequencies from an instrument.
  • search for Youtube videos with mixing, gain staging and EQ-ing tutorials.
  • at 00:18 a very high short bell sound steps in. This sound with it’s frequencies was a bit annoying to my ears.
  • your kick drum needs more punch, in my ears the kick has too much low freq
  • your snare drum needs more presence and less bass frequencies
  • Important: rethink the concept at 0:58. At this point the song runs in a chaos of unlucky chosen instruments, frequencies and melodies. I guess the intention you had for this part, but there a too much mistakes. From this point your song sounds as a mix of growling, swirling low frequencies. It’s impossible to hear instruments separated - it’s nealy one chaotic sound.

You’ll get much better success, if you study mixing and mastering tutorials at first.
For the song concept: Try to use a free fashion video and put it together with your song. Now watch and hear the video on different devices. It must fit to nearly every device.
Stock music must fullfill a purpose. It must support an end product like a video. The end product video will not represent YOUR music - it’s the opposite. Your music is “only” the background and shall support the video. That’s a completely different way to produce music and it needs a while to dive in.

Your song is not lost - you can do a complete redesign and resubmit it again. But a redesign doesn’t mean: “I change the snare and resubmit.”.

Good luck for the next time and don’t give up.

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Thank you dude, i learned too much from your comment, respect :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, your feedback is valuable to me.