Rejected - looking for feedback



Hi - I am new to Audiojungle and have just had hard rejects on my contributions with a form email that doesn’t offer any guidance. I understand that the reviewers do not have time to respond individually, and so I am hoping someone out there might take the time to listen to these two tracks and give me any feedback. In short, I’m not sure whether they were rejected because of production issues, composition problems, sample issues etc. I’m moving on to more compositions and so some input would help me greatly. Thank you for your time.
Track One:
Track Two:


I have listened to both of your tracks. It is quite not quality enough for the market.
You should make your track simple and as high quality as you can on composition, mixing and mastering.
Maybe i’m wrong but you should find a killer motif and developing from it.
Check out top authors for the reference.
Hope it help you.


Thank you for taking the time to give me some feedback. I appreciate it.