What do you think about my new track?


I just want to hear your opinions before uploading it on AJ


Awesome track - composition and production quality is superb. For the sake of discussion I have one question I’d like to raise regarding the solo cello part starting around 1:30. I think you did a beautiful job on this and it adds to the piece. Often times I wonder if this type of element is considered distracting for stock music purposes though. I go back and forth all the time for similar type situations of my own. Often as a compromise I will include a version without the lead solo part for this reason. I wonder if you or others have an opinion on this. Hats off to you GMultiMedia for this track. I think it is really top notch.


Thank you very much my friend! Your tracks awesome too …I think you right, I created one other, dubstep version of this track, but I want to add one version without solo cello, for using it us background music I think cello sometimes would be irrelevant.