I'm a new author specialised in real cello music :D

Hi everyone!

(I couldn’t find an “introduce yourself” section in the forum so here goes:)

Super happy because my first track was just accepted by the reviewer! On my AudioJungle tracks I play a real cello, not sampled. First track is called Autumn Rain Cello Soundscape, inspired by the mood of a rainy autumn afternoon at home, and features a beautiful 250+ old cello against a soundscape made with guitars, piano and lots of effects.

I’m planning on recording many more of these cello + soundscapes, as well as some classic stuff like Bach etc, and probably seasonal (Christmas!) music as well :slight_smile:




Adorable music! GLWS!

Hello and welcome! :slightly_smiling_face: The forum has such a topic. You can transfer your message there, so to speak in the “general moneybox”. :wink:


welcome to the jungle! :slight_smile:

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Thanks WavebeatsMusic and CleanMagicAudio! For some reason I couldn’t find that topic… will transfer this massage there :slight_smile:

PenguinAudio had to look up GLWS (Good Luck With Sales)… learnt something new today haha. Thank you.

Very nice music. Good to hear unique composition which isn’t a cliche of bestsellers! Way to go, you should definitely make a collection/album with more tracks like this.


I was waiting for the big reverse cymbal to bring in the motivational repetitive guitar harmonics section - never happened, how disappointing. I hope the next track at least has a Ukulele, clapping and whistling in it to make up for it.


You know, the cello is a bit like a really big ukulele! :smiley:

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Thanks for the nice words, RedOctopus, means a lot to us, especially coming from a seasoned AudioJungler like you!

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I love your first track.

Looking forward to listening to many more. Hearing it makes me appreciate the decades of practice involved in getting that awesome sound. If you have any music on spotify, please share it, I would love to relax and listen to this stuff without the AJ watermarks.

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Thanks for the kind words. We are planning on releasing tracks like these on Spotify and other services.

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Great to have a live cellist on audiojungle :smile: I hope we’ll hear some more classical(ish) pieces from you? And please some quality romantic cello! :grin: Good luck!

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Welcome @CelloReality!!! Great instrument, great track, awesome music. Expressive!

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Welcome! Your track sounds great - the cello is beautiful. I play cello as well but unfortunately it’s back in my hometown, hoping I can fetch it soon, hopefully make something as great as your track, well done!

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Thanks widekeys! We’re planning on recording some well known classical pieces as well.