New Audiojungle Author here, saying hello to the community.. Hi

Just recently discovered this website through my graphics guy, interested in joining in on collabs with keyboardist, guitarists, etc. and general shop talk. I’m waiting for my first project to process and get a feel for marketing in this sort of arena.
looking forward to mixing with you all. , those zeros are depressing. Jokes!:smile: Been composing for 10 years the old fashioned way and excited of this potentially great new way of releasing my comps. A bad contract kept me out of releasing any commercial music for 7 years, but its finally over. This month is the 1st time I’ve released material in so long its kind of intimidating, and this coming from a [David Porter] mentored producer, I’m just being honest. Let me know what you guys think of my cultivated style. my bio is here:About Jimi Boom
if you want to here my style of music one click and my theme auto-plays

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Hey, good luck! It’s a bit of a mixed bag selling here but if you pile up the tracks it seems to work, Andy

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i can see exactly what you mean. the volume of content relates to sales. i have work to do. im following you ten

Welcome to the Jungle JB! You have an interesting background. I hope you have a great start here :slight_smile:

Welcome to AJ! Best wishes!

Don’t know exactly what style your theme is, but it does sound unique - hope that bodes well for you!

thanks bro, branding is as important as your content.

my styles all my own i can say, unique yet melodic. ths

30 days after envato says "Welcome."
Nope, hard rejected. xDDD

Welcome and good luck!


Welcome dude ! Wish you the best with your music and your sales !

This is for you my friend !


Welcome to the Jungle, Jimi! :slight_smile:

Fresh sounds indeed. And looks 100% perfect fit for AJ to me.

Welcome and best of luck to you :slight_smile:

Hi JB, sounds interesting. Welcome!

Creative person is always welcomed on the Jungle :slight_smile:

Welcome, wish you much success!

warm welcomes from the new fam is cool. guys follow me and i will return the love. any tips???

Welcome! Good luck to you!)

Welcome to the jungle! Good luck!