Introduce Yourself

(Right on!)

Hey everyone!

I realize that most of us have been here for a long time, so it may seem a bit silly to open an introduction thread at this time. But even if we’ve known each other for years, we’d still like to know more about you and where you’re from.

We have such a diverse community spread across all corners of the globe, and we’d love to know more about you!

So let me kick things off :smiley:

I am Travis. I’ve been with Envato for about 7 years now. I first started as a writer for FreelanceSwitch (now out of print) website. I’ve made several attempts to get a theme approved on ThemeForest (#failed), before I was invited to join the Community team.

I live in Canada. And despite what you’ve heard, it isn’t completely covered by snow all year.

And if you need further proof, here is a picture of my yard in summer:


As you can clearly see, I’ve photoshopped all the snow out of the picture,

I like to travel and I enjoy eating, sightseeing and drinking lots of coffee. I particularly like curry and would probably eat it every day if I could. Here I am representing old school Envato while I anticipate a delicious curry!

Now I’m hungry.

So there you go! Now we want to hear your story. Where are you from? What do you like? Do you want to get a curry with me?


You need to get over to London @KingDog - one of my friends is cooking at


On my way!


Hi there folks of the Envato Community - a great idea of @KingDog to suggest an introduction thread.

So here goes …

I’m KwikBitzonline am British but live in the sunshine halfway up a mountain on a Greek Island :slight_smile: with one of the best beaches in the Med on the doorstep the ‘stunning Myrtos’

nope no photoshopping :slight_smile: - and that’s taken on a poor day.

I work for myself creating one-of-a-kind software intended to meet my customers unique demands by focusing on providing integrated solutions and services to customers around the world; I put our clients’ interests first and always work hard to exceed their expectations.

With strong experience in: SVG, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap(V.3+), Firebase, PHP, MySQL, WebRTC and WAI I offer development of powerful, one-of-a-kind software intended to meet our customers unique demands.

Anyhow, on a serious note - do a lot of reading, walking and water-sports - hey it is an island and the sea ( look out over it from my desk) is only 2KM away in all directions :slight_smile: . Best part of being here is the community - it’s a real community the whole islands pop. is only 36K and our 'area; is 1800 where as our village is about 50 in winter yet 200 plus in the season when we all tend to meet in the village square most evenings for a beer (wine in my case) and good conversation.

My aim/s in being part of the Envato Community is to develop relationships with other people like me and may be - hopefully- work with them so we can all generate better business.

As a mid to late 50 year old I’m prob a bit older than most of the community but I have a lot of experience and a few ideas how we can all do this from assisting each other with customer service (I used to teach that) or providing help with testing prior to uploading to Envato.

It’s good to be here and I really do look forward to creating relationships so we can all further our business.

So while your reading about me check out my profile here

OK - that’s me - who’s next?


Excellent! Thanks for getting the ball rolling! :smiley:

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NP always good to get to know new people who share similar interests (and others)


What a great idea! My name is Zac Nelson and I live in Melbourne, Australia. At the moment it’s getting near to the end of summer here, and it’s been probably the coldest summer of my life! Still, I’ve been to the beach nearly every day this week (I live very near the beach) and I’ve been swimming up and down the coastline. Yesterday I swam 4km but today it was so choppy with a strong wind and I was really battling the elements!

I’ve been submitting music on AudioJungle for a bit over a year now, and I am noticing a slow but encouraging improvement in sales month by month. December was very good for me, and January wasn’t too bad despite the inevitable slow down in the market. I’ve made some great friends through Envato, and have collaborated through 2 artists already (AurusAudio and SteelSound), and who knows who else I may end up working with.

Here’s a terrible photo of me with a bad haircut:


You’ve got a beautiful house @KingDog! Looks idyllic!


I’m Bobby, an embedded systems engineer who grew up in the Appalachian Mountains in the USA. I have been programming on just about every layer for around 14 years and have spent my adulthood travelling all over the states helping ambitious people build new tech companies, creating jobs, teaching programming and motivating others to pursue their tech dreams. I started with the web layer, and have been working my way down to the bare chips. One day I will have my own device.

I’m 100% programmer, I enjoy experimenting with things that are new and exciting. I have dozens of private apps, however I do produce things for Envato in when I am particularly proud or upon request. I also build gadgets and blast around the multiverse with my portal gun :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: profile link


Hello Envato community and the World,
I’m Long X from Vietnam - a tropical country. I’m a music lover, that’s all.
My journey on Envato as Audio Jungle author started in November 2015. My friend did a video and he called me for help buying music on Audio Jungle. After Sign up and purchased the items i see the words “become author”, so i give me a try and see what would happen. And now, i happy to be a tiny part of big Envato family.
Beside working with local artists, i can do some music for myself and selling it to the world, that’s amazing.
Welcome all of you come to Vietnam. Tell me if you guys want a offline meeting.
And this is me at Sapa - Vietnam.

Hope God bless all of us. Here are the video about Vietnam (i’m not a travel promoter LOL)
Thank you.


My name is Nishit Mistry and I live in Ahmedabad, India. I’ve been with Envato for about more then 1 year now. I first started with graphic designer. After 2 years of doing job I’ve found Envato Marketplace and I thought about submit an item. I’ve made several attempts to get a my item approved on ThemeForest. I was my dream to upload successful item on ThemeForest.

Now, I have 2 items on ThemeForest and running success. It is great achievement for me.

Thank you Envato team


My name is Matti Paalanen and I hail from the likewise “unsnowy” Finland. - we have lots of forest and lakes. And room. Not much people. But that’s a good thing as we finns don’t really like people. We alone. Very alone. Don’t talk. Shhhh. Anyways, another good thing is that there’s quite a bit of alcohol around. Not much people, lots of alcohol. Good.

Here’s me with a deer in Nara:

- you can call me the deer whisperer.

While I’m not professional, music has been a big part of my life since a kid and eventually I decided to build a PC based home studio, some 15 years ago. I produced what I fancied every now and then and published it on the internet. Eventually I found out about stock music libraries and some sales later, here we are :slight_smile:

You can find me on youtube as well:

Cheers everybody!


Hi everyone
I’m living in Poland.(Gorzow Wlkp).
We make music together with my wife.
So far we lived from the music.But music business down. I am looking for a new job:(
I love music, I would like more to do.
Sorry for my English
Krzysztof Kurkowski


Oussama RH -AKA DesignerToo

Freelancer and design therapist, I provide Graphic & Motion Design services to solution oriented customers in a trustful environment with an ensuring voice helping them to better communicate their ideas and to be indelible.

Feel free to check my work before reading this :wink:

I’m a Medical Sciences student, I don’t have any degrees or certificates in the topic of Graphic & Motion design, but I’m really proud of myself to be an self-taught :smiley: I’ve learned Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, InDesign and Premiere for fun and pleasure, than I realized that helping people to communicate their ideas, via these tools, using my skills, is more satisfying and pleasurable.


Hey, my name is Sergey, I’m 30 and I live in Moscow, Russia.

I’m an author on Audiojungle for 1 year and I plan not to leave this great community.
I make music and other sound stuff in different genres preferring abstract music and commercial pop,
In offline life I have a beautiful wife Veronica and 3 years old daughter Angelina.

So this was a little presentation of myself =)


I am a passionate web and graphics designer who loves to design. Web page, logo, brand, business card and mobile application design is my area of expertise. I have been designing 4+ years now. I love to create visually appealing and enhanced user experience. New design trends, clean and effective designs always interest me.

“I just love to design!” :slight_smile:

Check My Portfolio On ThemeForest :


Finland sounds like my kind of country!


Hello everybody! My name is Paul and I’m from Russia. Now I’m 28, but I became interested in music since childhood.
When I was 1 year old, I could not speak, my brother played guitar and I sang, since that moment my musical skill increased slightly :slight_smile:
Around 13 years old the first time I tried to make music. It was Fruity Loops 3.4, a brilliant program! I tried to make the
electronic music that listened. I also did a hip-hop beats for our lil group. I began to get involved Drum&Bass music in 2004 , at 2008 i published the first release as Lucio De Rimanez.

I wrote about 50 tracks in this genre, and played many times at Hard D&B parties in Europe and Russia.
4 years ago I started to get involved in live music and music theory, tryed production in other genres of music, such as rock
or pop.

2014 year, And here is Audio Jungle comes! My story here is not so big, but I learned a lot, the jungle became my second home.

I have a humble home studio (it can hardly be called a studio), but its enought for me.

I love music, music is always with me,
despite the fact that everything has turned into a serious production, music is still a miracle for me. So, this is my little story. Peace for everyone !


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