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Hi there! It’s so good to be a part of such great community! My name is Anton. I’m 27 years old. I live in Kharkov, Ukraine.

I have an economical education, but i’ve been interesting in music since i was at school. Unfortunately i found my passion a little bit late, so i have no musical education. But i try hard to understand the basics and now it’s help me a lot.
My city is a beautiful place, i like so much to live here. And i’ll be glad if you come and see this place by yourself:)
I like to travel and ride the bicycle, it;s my second passion after music. Also i’m very interesting in diving. Last year i have had my first dive in Red Sea and it was awesome! I’m gonna get the PADI sertificate this year:)
I have my little portfolio on AJ and i try to do the best i can to make music that people will be like. I prefer experimental/abstract music, pop and ambient genres.
Thanks and best regards!:slight_smile:


Good idea, KingDog!
I apologize in advance for a lot of photos, but they will tell more than words :blush:

I’m Max from little Siberian city Barnaul:


This is my job (mixing and mastering):

Mah bear:

My vodka:

My balalaika:

and my hobby (diy guitar and studio electronics):


Hello from snowy Moscow! Great idea! I wish you all good luck and creative victories!


Hello, we are twin brothers and we 331






My name is Vitalii. I’m from Ukraine. I love traveling and asian food!


These two are my son and I :smile: This picture was taken about several months ago in Thailand where my family and I were lived for 7 months in total. Such a lovely country!

It is a pretty much cold in my country now, so being outside of the building we look like this:


These two are my daughter and I :smile:

And some words about what do I do. I’m professional WP developer. I make themes and plugins for clients as well as for selling on CC and TF. Please, check my portfolio:


Hi there! My name is Snezhana and I am from Russia too. It’s amazing how many russians are here on Envato. I sell graphics on Elements, this is really great place, especially I love the contests :slight_smile:


I wish all of you good sales!

My graphics portfolio is here:
I have one on GraphicRiver as well:


Hi there

I’m Faruq , live Kurdistan :slight_smile:


Sup guys, let me get the ball :slight_smile: My name is Ivan, I am a 26 yo russian guy who lives in Sofia, the capital of sunny Bulgaria. My story of becoming a part of the community seems to be a long journey home, so prepare yourselves :smiley:

I grew up playing in a metal band in Russia, and believe me guys - musical business there is pretty poor :smiley: But i have always wanted to make music my main activity, and actually now am making the dream come true.

But let’s go from the scratch.

I signed up on Audiojungle 3 years ago, when i just moved from Russia to Bulgaria. Recorded a couple of tracks, got a couple of sales and (i still don’t know why!:slight_smile: ) stopped doing it for a long time. I was 23 back then and probably couldn’t believe that musicmaking can feed one’s life :slight_smile: During the time since then i have tried a lot of stuff - working as a chief manager of a Taxi company, websites development, videomaking - it was fun, but everything was “not this” :slight_smile:

In september, 2016 i suddenly realized, that if I didn’t try to make musicmaking my job then, I would never do that ever. It was freaking scary - as I am a married guy who is in charge of his family. So i got well-prepared - saved some money, reduced the expences to minimum, and started digging into the world of sound producing.

The first two months were pretty damn hard - I had only a couple of tracks in the portfolio, and absolutely no knowledge about professional sound mixing, sample libraries, plugins and stuff. So i kept working days and nights. And this little pig helped me with that :smiley:

December was a breakthrough for me. During the month i produced about 50 items, and got 68 sales - a crazy number for me back then :smiley: That month showed me, that doing what you love full-time pays off in the end.

So by now i have produced almost 150 tracks that brought me more than 230 sales, and am happy to do the job i really love to do.


I also encourage my fellow-musicians to join our community - as i believe that we, AudioJungle authors, should share our experience, but not envy each other and keep your tools secret :slight_smile: I believe that this year will be absolutely different in my life. Positively different :slight_smile: Watch out, AurusAudio, the Russians are coming ! :smiley:

Just hope to hear my wife’s voice more often than Audiojungle watermark girl’s one :slight_smile:

p.s. Oh my, almost forgot the link to my profile :slight_smile: Here we go CLICK


My name is Omar Waleed, 50 years old, from Iraq, Baghdad.
I am mechanical engineer and I love the graphic and printing design.
I have more than 1800 items on Graphicriver and 3D Ocean.
I love this marketplace because its make change in my life.


Guys and girls just a thought -

There are some really interesting people here in the Forums and on Envato Market, it’s fun reading these intro threads but one thing I forgot to do (and have now) and I suggest others do … add a link to your profile e.g. mine is

Why? - simple readers may want to find out more about you and see your products :slight_smile:


Hello everybody. My name is Alexander and I’m from Russia. 26. I love music manifested itself in 11 years. My father proffesiaonalny musician. I first started writing music at the age of 12-13 in dance Ejay 4) It was funny:smiley:. 15 I started to play the guitar and I continue to do it every day. I play in a cover band and we travel around the country with performances.

Soon I began to engage in commercial music and continue to do. AJ has been my main source of income, inspiration. Now I have a goal to achieve uspehoa in this case.


here i’am …

My name is megah tri noviantoro or my friend call me MASPHIE, from ponorogo city indonesia.
I graduate from ISI Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia & majoring in interior design.
And now i’m working in the internet network & freelance design.
Nice to meet you all envato member.

…and this is one of my artworks “Cigarettes Painting With Coffee”


Love the ‘Cigarettes Painting With Coffee’ even if smoking is bad for us all (I a’m a smoker so … don’t shout at me) Could see those cigarettes arranged into some form of abstract photo :grin:

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thank you…

but, you can’t draw your face with this technique. hahahah…
maximum you can draw is “wayang” one of the local culture in Indonesia.

Thank you for your appreciate

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Hello. My name is Taras. I am from Ukraine and my English is not good.
I am a violinist, but I can play many musical instruments. I like the bass guitar.
In Ukraine musicians earn little. Too bad it is, but it is a fact, because of this I have a business in marketing and advertising, although by profession I am a teacher of the violin :slight_smile:
But now I want to share my joy. Now I have started to do their favorite thing !!! Thank God and the whole team Envato for it! You are doing a great job for musicians.
I am a beginner in Audiojungle, but I hope it will be my job. I really want this. Marketing - interesting work, but I’m a musician.
I have a wonderful family. My wife is also a musician. The eldest son of a violinist. He wins many competitions. Smaller plays the piano. We play in a group of church worship. Life is filled with music.
Thank you. You are professionals. I respect.


Hi Taras, As an Englishman - living overseas in a non-English speaking country - trust me when I say there is not much wrong with your English


Hey there! Thanks for this marvellous opportunity to know some authors a little bit closer and share my own personal info with you!

I’m Arsenii Shchedrin (yes, unpronounceable name for foreigners), 21-year old student of Cinema and Television University in Russia, lead singer and songwriter in an indie-rock band InsideOut (here’s the Soundcloud link to our music):


I live in the heart of one of the most beautiful city in the world - Saint-Petersburg, the city of Pushkin, Dostoevsky and many other brilliant people; city of the world’s largest museums (Hermitage), most beautiful buildings, white nights and stunning history!


I study sound engineering for cinema and have already finished a few movies which are unfortunately unavailable on the net (festivals don’t allow to put movies on the net), it’s only a year left before graduation.


My passion for music began when I was 12 y.o. I started to write my own music of poor quality being young and impressive school boy and everyone around was telling me that music can’t be a serious job in Russia, that I should find myself “a decent job” to make a living. So I tried to enter Architectural University (my second passsion after music) but failed because lacked drawing skills.

Then it’s been a year of doing some dull jobs such as salesman or craftsman. And in one particular night, being a FOH sound engineer at the club, I decided to no longer waste my time on something I don’t like and prove myself that my music is worth fighting for.

It was the night when everything went wrong - from musicians punctuality through electricity problems and massive feedback to drunk drummer sending me for a beer and my payment which I almost snapped from his greedy hands. That night destiny just told me “Lad, this is not what you should do in life”, and I chose one of the simpliest and most naive ways to find my job - googled “How to make money out of your music on Internet”. And there was AudioJungle!


I’ve been on the market for year and a half. There are lots of distractions from work such as Uni or my band, but I manage to break through and now almost all of my income comes from here and freelance work, and I plan to speed up my work pace and I’m constantly improving the quality of items. My favorite genres so far are indie and cinematic music and I plan to harness a waterfall of electronic music and make some IDM or abstract sound design’ish music.

So, thanks everyone for sharing your own personal life and I wish everyone good luck with your musical ideas! Lets make people’s lifes better with original, useful and beautiful content!


Thank you. I think I did something wrong. The first time I write here in the forum.

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hank you. I think I did something wrong. The first time I write here in the forum.


My name is Abdelrahman S. Abu Shanab , I came from Gaza the biggest prison in the world( No work no Electricity), I was born in Gaza – Palestine 26 years ago ,married and have one child “Mohammed” and I graduated from the information technology faculty in 2013 and Now i work as a Graphic Designer in the leading company at Gaza.

I started with my Wife “Tasneem” creating Graphic templates “brochures , Flyers, add-on and signage “ before 2 years , when I started with envato it was as a golden opportunity to me because in Gaza we suffer from high unemployment rate.
Very much, like to express my ideas and experiences in the Graphic Design. This is the way of my dreams, to be engaged in their favorite thing to bear wonderful feelings to people. Well, what could be better).