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Hi. My name is Valery. I am the author on videohive ) Love envato and I’m honored to tell you a bit about myself :slight_smile:
I Live in Odessa. The city at the sea (Ukraine). Love summer, sea, swimming and sport.
Working at the regional TV channel. One year ago, I became a member of the community envato and for me it was a good experience. I am very grateful to all who created such a wonderful site and gave the opportunity to the world to earn money. Now I can delight their beloved child and go with his wife on vacation. For me to have the motivation to learn and develop.

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This is where I work.

This is my family.


Nice Family :slight_smile:



My name is Shoaib Khan. Originally from Gilgit, Pakistan but currently residing in Lahore,Pakistan. After my Bachelors degree in Graphic Design, I moved to London, UK for Masters Degree in Animation from Metropolitan University in 1999. After the degree I spent a decade in London working for London based TV Channels, and post production companies.
In 2007 I launched a motion graphic design website called which was an instant success! Produced over 50 Quality After Effects, 3DS Max Tutorials and Templates.
In January 2012 I joined Videohive and soon became an Elite.

I love Fishing and Trekking in the Himalaya Mountain Ranges.


Hello Everyone!
My name is Sergii, I am from Kyiv, Ukraine.
I have started as a professional classical guitar player since 9 and succeeded in that business at some point with few international competition prizes, regular solo recitals and stage performing as orchestral soloist.
Also I had been a part of heavy metal/rock music community, playing in several bands.

Few Years ago I opened for myself the world of electronic and EDM music that I am really fond of at the moment.
Right now I am focused on AJ and trying to do my best in this business.
Wish all the good luck!:+1: Cheers from Ukraine!:wave:


Hello everyone!

What an amazing opportunity to see other Envato author’s life and dreams :slight_smile:

My name is Pablo, I’m 28 years old, and I’m the cofounder of Snail Music along with my partner Fernando.

I was born in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain and I had the opportunity to study in the university although I’ve never enjoyed studying in a regulated environment and I always loved to learn by myself.

When I finished my studies I didn’t know what to do so I took my savings and I went to travel the world as a backpacker, with no plans, just a ticket to Kuala Lumpur.

I was living and working in the island of Langkawi, then moved to Thailand and then fell in love with a girl and move to Oman, in the middle East.

I ran out of money and I had to come back to my country, but that experience changed my life. I wrote two books about the trip and, since then, I know that travel around the world, meeting people and knowing different cultures is my passion.

Back to Barcelona, I wanted to set up an online business to fund my travels. But then I got hooked up and I started and failed many times, until I ran out of money again and I had to look for a regular job.

That was hard for me (problems of the first world… when you look at it with a bit of perspective is nothing compared to what other people suffer) but I ended up in a little SEO company and soon promoted to general manager, and I had the opportunity to learn a lot there about marketing online.

And that was my life since last year my friend Fernando, an amazing musician, told me about AudioJungle and it’s possibilities. I left my job, took my savings again, sold my motorbike and moved to the island of Menorca and now we work here full time on AJ with the goal of becoming Elite Authors one day.

We share everything that happens to us in our blog.

Thanks for the opportunity to share our story here! I’ve just had a reallly good time reading all of them!!


Hello! My name is Paul. I’m from the beautiful city of St. Petersburg, Russia. I’ve been doing music for about 15 years. He played in many bands, filmed clips, recorded at the studios. Generally I’m a drummer. But last year I have been Producing and writing tracks on the jungle. I now quit his job and is fully focused on JA is now. I like everything! Thank Envato! Good moood and Happy!


Hello everyone :slight_smile:

Abdo Hamoud - UI/UX Designer and FrontEnd Developer

My Engagement Party


My name is Janusz. I was born in Warsaw, Poland and I spent years working as a TV cameraman and DoP in the broadcast industry. I’m still making movies and TV shows, but now more often as a director.

As a director I didn’t touch the camera anymore, and I missed it much. When I found Envato I just realized that my camera work can be useful for others, so I started shooting stock footage for the community in my free time. Now I split my time between the regular job and the Videohive, and I’m more than happy with it, as it is an opportunity to stay behind the camera again. All I can say is: do what you love to do, and live your life!
My portfolio is here: Clouseau’s portfolio

PS. I don’t have a cat :wink:


Amazing place! The good life!


Amazing place! The good life!

Yep that’s why live here looking out over Agia Efimia right now as I type … joy of joys


Hi, community!
I’m Kirill from Ukraine. :sunny: :slight_smile:
My musical path started from playing in metal band \m/.

I have diverse experience at music industry: writing songs and instrumental music, background music for games and films, mixing and mastering, working with different musicians and singers.

Since decemeber 2016 I joined Envato family and now it’s my main full time work! Producing music for AudioJungle is my best and most inspiring music adventure!

And it is my cat Lucky:

He bring luck to my account! :slight_smile:

P.S. @KingDog, thanks for amazing idea!)


Hi everyone,
My name is Alessio, I’m 31 years old and live in Rome, Italy.

I’m a freelance hybrid designer and front-end developer, also I’m an author on Themeforest for 5 years and I plan not to leave this community.

Cheers :smiley:


Hi Everybody ! My name is Alexander Smolsky (vorsa1514), I’m 27 years old, I live in Mogilev, Belarus.

This is my city.

Envato joined in 2014 as a author for graphicriver.

Began to study design at age 18.
Initially began his career as an artist to design create a music albums.
Check it out :slight_smile:

at age 21, I started working as a lead game designer and even managed to create their own quest game for the PC “Panopticon: Path of Reflections”.

you can watch the demo by clicking on the picture.

In addition to the work at that time I was fond of music. And sang and played guitar in his own metal band.

You can hear my music here

In 23 years, I decided to seriously pursue advertising design and websites.

After graduation, I was called up for military service in the army. For a year of service I became a Sergeant.:slight_smile:

Six months ago i married the most beautiful girl in the world Viktoribat . She also makes the design for envato.

We had a great vacation in Cuba…

And yet, we have a cool dog and two cats :slight_smile:

And we are happy!
Thank you Envato for helping us to fulfill our dreams :slight_smile:


Hi all! My name is Eugene. I’m 28 years old. I’m from Russia, city of Nizhny Novgorod - and
I very love music and try to perfect it. 3 months ago I was registered on Envato and I’m glad I got into this friendly family!

Besides I love Cycling and walking in the woods. Love extreme sports (I once jumped with a parachute), made several ropejumping jumping from high objects. In the winter I occasionally snowboarding. Love to travel when I have the chance I go to the sea or to the mountains. I will be glad to meet new people. Feel free to write me :slight_smile:
This is my profile:
p.s. sorry for my bad english


Hi all!
My name is Anton Shmidt. I live in Russia. I’m a musician and a very funny man :grin:

I have a sister and brother, they are also musicians. I have pets - a snails. They love me :blush::snail:

This is my place where I compose music for Audiojungle.
And I’m glad to be part of a big family - the name of which Envato!

Thank you for the opportunity to talk a little bit about yourself :slight_smile:


Item title: Jonny Boyle from Northern Ireland

item duration: 41 years

tempo: relaxed (60 bpm)

There are four versions of this item: ‘Guitar teacher’, ‘jazz-tune writer’, ‘Dad’ and a background version.

This item also comes as part of a pack:


Hello! My name is Nikolay, I’m 25, I’m from Russia, city of Lipetsk. I have pedagogical education, but despite this I decided in my life to do only music and sound)) I am infinitely thankful that I found this platform as Audiojungle) I Hope it will only grow. Glad I’m with you! Have a good day) And sorry for my English :smiley:


Hi! My name is Anatoliy. I am 25 years old. My nickname on envato Gavirell. I live in Ukraine in a small town near the Sea of Azov Berdyansk. In envato I have been working for almost a year. This is my only job. Thanks Envato for the opportunity to earn money and evolve =)


Hello! My name is Alex. ( BigKidMusic

) I live in Kazakhstan in the city of Petropavlovsk. I had a

rock band illusion, and how often it happens, we have broken up, but the music is my

life, so I was looking for myself in different directions, and then I suggested to

friends about AudioJungle, where you can not only make music but also earn . Frankly,

I’m not very good, because there are very different styles, and a completely different

music. I will try to explore the market, because it is your money)))


What a beautiful mountains! Great! In Your country is very beautiful nature :smile: