Customers - Introduce Yourself and get the chance to win a $100 Envato Market credit each month!



I am amazed, who would have thought… Well you never expect to win anything, but if you dont try you´ll never know.
Big BIG shout out to the Envato Crew again, To all involved in this promotion a Huge THANK YOU


My name is Muhammad and i’m from Uzbekistan. I am web developer and graphic designer.
Envato is great plate for any developer.
They can learn many things not only make money. Millions of authors sharing there project here that means there are more than million ideas, just be creative.
I really respect review team, because of them envato release best quality items on market.
Thanks Envato


My name is Mst Mahfuza and I am from Bangladesh. I am working as a Web developer from last four years. I purchased an item from graphic river to create shadow effect in my next projects. I have no favorite author, but I do love onepagers depending on the type of client I work for.


wow congrats disenoideas :slight_smile:


This is Owais Gilani fron Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I am a Graphic Designer and Web Developer. I like wordpress to develop websites for my clients. I am usually looking for wordpress themes in Themeforest for new and unique website designs. I have used many wordpress themes from Envato and made my clients happier for their business websites. My favorite author is Dream-Theme as their themes are extremely customizable.


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Hello everyone.
My name is Marius, I am a photographer , retoucher and lightroom preset developer with more than 10 years of experience in the audiovisual world.
I consider myself a calm person with great aspirations I like to learn and be doing something all the time.
Today is also a happy day for me I just hit 100 sales in less than 2 months.

My GraphicRiver profile and Facebook.

Cheers, Marius


Hay :slight_smile: my name is Tyaz Setya Eka Permana or you can call me Kanxtyaz. Im From Bandung Indonesia.
photography thats my hobby…


Welcome everybody, Please forgive me because my English is not excellent. Thank you anyway for giving me your precious time to read my little profile. My name is Mohamed Moundi, Famous as Mondi. I’m from Cairo, Egypt. I’m 31 years old. I have graduated from the Faculty of Computing & Informatics Department of Computer Science at 2008. I have worked as a web developer for more than 7 years in Dubai.:wink:

When I started working in this field I spent too much time daily browse envato market products to purchase that help me in my job and my big dream was to be one of this famous authors on envato.
At first I did not have the time to build a distinctive idea that would be my way to reach my goal that because I have been working for many years in this job traditionally but also that help me gain more experience. In parallel I was trying to achieve my dream and made some ideas which unfortunately did not impress the team at Envato. This frustrated me a lot.
But finally I have took the right decision to save more time to learn and build new creative ideas. Finally my chance came and I have one item up to now and I still learn and work to build more.
I’m very happy to be one of Envato authors, This is my big chance.I do not imagine the world of technology without Envato market.
Thanks a lot for everyone here.


Hello, my name is Dani and I’m from Italy. I love graphic design, especially vintage and watercolor effects.
I work in a publishing house, and in my spare time I listen to rock music, read books, and have fun with Photoshop (not necessarily in this order!).
I also love baking!


Hi guys. My name is Adrian and now i’m web designer. My life’s changed after more hards failures. I started with sport, 2 years boxing school and 5 years kickboxing. I have a lots of medals, wins of international championships and i had success in sport but I understood who I want to be at only a 24 years old when as by a miracle I got into a company of IT to work as a front end developer. I’m learned HTML and CSS and i worked half a year after which they fired me because i’m was works too slowly for front end. My salary was 180$/month and I got it only once )) nice, isn’t it? After that I learned about ThemeForest. Themeforest helped us to understand many useful things about design, programming, marketing and many more. We want to become an elite author and create many beautiful and qualitative themes. Thanks a lot. :evergreen_tree:


Hi all,
My name is Zahid Naqvi and I am new in the web development. I have done master in arts but now i selected my professional field as a blogger. I have learned WordPress and Learning Designing. Now i do not know how to use these evento elements for my wordpress website. I have purchased Avada theme, Premium Press themes and Theme Junkie themes for my wordpress site but also have become the member of Envato Elements and Tutorials and Community as well.
I want to learn about the procedure of using Envato Elements in the website after editing.
I will be very thankful to the person who would help me in understanding the use of already created stuff of envato elements.


My name is Dana and I live in California. I work for a large corporation, and have for the past 12 years. I consider myself a graphic designer but dabble in interior design as well. Design is my passion and I love to learn new design programs. I just learned a small bit of Adobe After Effects to create a video on a display monitor in the corp office. Next, I need to learn web design as we are replacing our very old website. I love Envato and have bought several templates starting with MS Powerpoint, Keynote, Photoshop actions, Magazine layouts, and After effects template. Envato is my main source for my inspiration to design.


Hi, my name is Jader, I have been a customer envato for 7 years. And I intend to continue for longer years.

I am an expert in wordpress blogging and digital marketing! :slight_smile:


Hello hello,
my name is Oren Turkya and i’m from Tel Aviv Israel. i love video templates editing and learn so much from them. my passion these days is fillming with my 70d canon and watching hours of toturials around the net. i use lots of the template i purchase for proomoting my business and for learning. i really love the freebies you give each month. i wish it would be weekly :slight_smile:

its great to have met you almost a 10 years ago and will be folowing you in the future as well.

thanks for being here!



:computer: hi! From Argentine, Best Regards!!!
Thanks for this space and sorry for my bad English


My name’s Jon. While I’m actually a New Zealander, I live in Japan these days in the far north prefecture of Hokkaido, though I do plan on returning eventually or moving on from Japan.

The most interesting content for me pertains to my work here; I really enjoy checking out the new themes keeping an eye on design trends and functionality. I do browse the different marketplaces frequently however. When I make a purchase I have a specific project in mind, so I’d rarely buy on a whim; However, I do make use of the ‘Collection’ feature.

Favorite author? That’s almost like having me pick my favorite pizza :smile: excusing anything with pineapple on it … ThemeNectar stands out as pretty exemplary however. Continually improving, leading the way with design & development trends and offering truly 5-star support; their high sales are thoroughly deserved.


Hay guys its sheikh asif blongs From Kashmir Valley (paradise on earth) India but my company islocated in london on envato market i mostly search PHP scrips and sometimes android apps. Recently i have buyed a template html css for my friend .Now about i author i like all but mostly i love Balaji from he is great person .


Hallo, my name is Dimitar Bonev. I’m a frontend developer.
I’m working for 7 years in programming sphere and now I have some content to share with envato.
In ShardSky we are a small team of designer and front-end developer.
We are from Bulgaria, Sofia.
We are creating JavaScript projects for sharing with envato CodeCanyon.
I’m using WordPress for my portfolio and purchase Avada WordPress theme which is much useful for me.
Yet doesn’t have favorite author here.


Hi, my name is Crystal Calhoun. I am a website designer/developer located in the United States. I also love graphic design, SEO and marketing. I have an online business called Made To Be Unique. I’ve been providing web, graphic and design services for over 10 years. I plan to expand my business by offering online courses and hopefully have some staff in the near future.

I use templates and stock photos in nearly all of my projects. They save me time and make me and my clients look more professional. My favorite Wordpress themes are Porto (easy for my clients to use) and Avada - it has great options.

I use a lot of the graphic templates and photoshop actions as well!

(This is one of my advertisements which shows several envato mockups and themes used)