Envato Affiliate competition #4: $21,000 in prizes for the best affiliates (including Authors)

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Marketplace Madness is upon us! We’re looking for the top affiliates by marketplace. This Competition will commence March 15th and finish April 30th when we’ll be rewarding our affiliates with US $21,000 of prize payments.

We’ve got so many talented affiliate marketers doing great things in their niche, it makes sense to share extra incentives!

The US $21,000 prize pool will be split across the 7 marketplaces, where a US $3k prize will be given to the top performing affiliate in each marketplace. A single affiliate can win multiple prizes!

Eligibility and judging criteria

To be eligible: Affiliates need to register here before 11:59pm AEDT on 30th April and have at least 10 deposit counts in a marketplace during the competition period.

Judging criteria: The winner of a marketplace prize is the affiliate who generates the highest number of new buyers (also known as deposit count) to that marketplace during the competition period, as captured by our Marketplace database.

Ties: Should two affiliates generate the same number of new buyers the prize will be allocated to the affiliate who reached that milestone first.

More Info: A new buyer will be attributed to the marketplace from which they purchase. E.g. if your affiliate link refers a new buyer to AudioJungle and they purchase from VideoHive, your deposit count will attribute to the VideoHive marketplace prize pool.

Important Links

The links below are here to help your efforts. Bookmark them, use our API to automate content or just browse them now:

Competition #4 (Category Kings) landing page Competition #4 registration form Collections of high converting content Newsletter signup Affiliate terms Envato’s API

We’re currently brainstorming more unique and fun contest ideas. Keep a look out over next couple of weeks for more opportunities to earn. As always, we wish Envato Affiliates the very best and improved affiliate revenue for all.

Great contest! Thanks Envato! Im not going to participate but i’m sure it will increase the overall traffic to the market which is great for everyone :slight_smile: Cmon people, let’s do this!


Did I miss the results? I didn’t expect to win, but I would like to know who won in each category.

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Envato is always good at such competitions, Best of luck for the participants!

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I love your idea Envanto. I personally have felt a bit of the result of this contest.
Btw, good luck for the participants !

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Envanto is not one web sate but it is our part of one life so I love you Envanto and Envato is always good at such competitions, Best of luck for the participants!
thanks …
All Envanto participants

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