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Hello everyone, looks like a good place to start. I am David, living on the very sunny Costa del Sol in Marbella. (yeah its a nice place, but its not what it used to be)…
i am a web designer / developer and positioning, whatever you want to call it… SEO person I think that it should be an all in one job that defines how good you are at making the page and getting it seen in the search engines. As you design i guess it should be optimised to the best you can get it…

i have been using Avada and themeforest for several years, around 5 with Avada, I find the fusion builder an awesome tool that lets you hand over the site to the customer after design completion with an hour or two of instruction so they should and mostly are in full control of the site…

Marbella is home to never ending supply of real estate agencies that seem to spill out of the world at an incredible rate, i guess if you arrive on the Costa del Sol, your automatically ready to become a real estate agent, or so it seems. i have been lucky enough to design many many websites for this sector, a few too many…

Here in the world of template land find that seeing so many alternative designs coming out of the developers who are a part of Envato / Themeforest movement help greatly with realising my profession as a designer and with demo templates that you can rip apart and re develop that help you create some truly amazing masterpieces.

Got to give it to all of the designers and developers who make this place such an awesome tool for all of the online creators…

Some thing right out of the blue about myself…
In my happy easy lifetime for more than 35 years i was lucky enough to have the talent and opportunity to be able to choose a good selection of music and be able to play in many different countries around the globe, where ever i go i seem to find that great crowd of people who are very happy to hear and enjoy the underground minimalist music that makes me move just as much as the people listening. i guess you call it being a DJ, turned producer also, just because i had a computer and good friends who were in the music industry and who are real producers who gave the time to show me how to create music with just a computer, being unable Still to play a note on a keyboard or guitar…

Enough said… to all you cool ass developers / designers and just about any one who puts in time to create this supercool place… peace and have fun… in out in out thats what its all about…



I’m Lawrence and I’ve been using Envato since 2009!

I’m a digital product manager from the London UK.

I love the themes and website templates here, which I often draw inspiration from.

I work on a range of web project and use mainly plugins, graphics and website templates.

Currently I don’t Have a fav author but will share when i do!



Hi guys,

My name is Timary, come from Hong Kong and I’m a Creative Director of an E-Marketing solution company.
I was looking for some high-class theme so I am here.
I don’t have a favorite author till now.
Envato platform is a great experience for me!


Hello people!

My name is Gabriel De la Hoz, i’m from Colombia (South America). I’m Web designer & Web developer and working as CEO in my own enterprise.
Internet is my passion and i enjoy every day making web solutions for all my clients.
Themeforest and all the Envato market are my favorite resources page for my enterprise. In this places i found very talented authors and i aprecciated that.

Regards :slight_smile:



KeizerGaming from the Netherlands! Working on a new YouTube channel (It’s in Dutch: and I want to create an awesome intro and outdo for my movies. Just not sure on the whole copyrights and stuff so checking the forums now. Keep rocking!



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Hi, I am wija from Indonesia…
I just a PHP programmer but not an expert in wordpress…

Bought some themes from envato and all good, except the last one I buy from an author and it is not good in term of support.
After 4 years joining envato, decide to write here because of this support problem.
Stuck with this support…


What’s your name?
Daniel Watanabe
Which city/country are you from?
Curitiba - Brazil
What content do you like to check out across the Envato platform?
How do you use what you purchase?
Couple years ago i made some wordpress websites just 4 fun, now i am working on a company with an outdated website. So i am updating to a new design with wordpress
Do you have a favorite author?
I really like the work of Luis Zuno when i first started with Wordpress


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Hi from the beautiful Roman city of Bath in south west England.

My name is Bob Stone, I’m seriously into drones - so much so that we’re starting a business in this category.

I love the templates available on the Envato platform. Very new to the site so haven’t had a good nose around yet but already I have some questions which I’ll be sharing shortly.

Our plan is to purchase a template and modify it to suit our short term needs - just to provide a fairly immediate presence online. Then we will be building on this.

Great to meet you all.




My name is Patrick Jutte born in the western United States.

I own a part-time freelance web designer/SEO company while working at a full-time job and I love what I do. I have been doing this since 1995, making me a veteran of the trade. I started off by creating websites using Dreamweaver software. I learned this by reading HTML books while I was on vacation for a week. I would get up at 3:00 am and read, with that, I wrote down a lot of notes. From there, I created websites for free to struggling companies in the heating and air conditioning field.

I quickly found out that a website wasn’t enough, they had to be found on the internet. So I learned how to apply search engine techniques by joining SEO blogs and reading and to my amazement, the sites began propagating to the top. Back in the day, it was relatively easy to be in first place. Today it’s a whole different ball game.

Soon after, I obtained a business license and started to charging my customers. As I gradually acquired customers, I had to become super efficient, and that’s when I found “Theme Forest” (Envato) back in 2009. To this day, I have bought several hundred, my favorite is Bridge. I continue to buy from Envato not just because of the beautiful templates, but I know all the designers are held to high standards including security.

Without Envato, I wouldn’t be where I am today, and for that, I say Thank You a million times.


Howdy community

My name is Derrick. I’m from Ghana😆, Greater accra. I mainly like to check out themes and plugins which i use to build sites for others.
For now, i guess my favourite author is muffingroup.

I’m a student of a university. But fortunately i study accounting. I’m also a student of ACCA training to be a chartered accountant. But, i have great passion for technology and self taught myself some code languages. In my free time i build, design and offer general I.T help to others not like me. I also try to develop some wonderful apps with friends or or we just build sites. I run a mini hosting business with my friends.

You guys watch out because we are going to be the next big thing in web hosting.


Hi, I’m Allyson and I live in Champaign-Urbana IL, home to the University of Illinois. I rely on Envato for Wordpress templates that I customize for local businesses. So far I’ve been really happy with Mikado templates, but just today I downloaded the Avada template and am excited to try it out! When I’m not working on websites, I own Sweet Pea Photography and specialize in child and family lifestyle portraits.


Hello everyone!

Myself, Gokul from India.
A motion graphic designer, I play after effects even before I came to Envato.
When I came to know about Envato, I was excited and joined immediately and then started learning and earning. Really happy :slight_smile:
I am videohive author and short film maker too are my main hobby and passion!
My favorite author is always,
I Like his style of making and passion to his work.
I also do freelance works in my spare time. Most of works reached me though videohive.
Thank you


Hi guys,

My name is Dmitry I’m a PHP Programmer . I’m from Greece.
i want to be CodeCanyon top author and work hard for that.


Hi Everyone,

I am Tai, I am from Vietnam, It’s been 6 years since i was a customer of Envanto, I usually stop by Themeforest and Codecanyon to see if there are something new. I really love Wordpress and usually buy Wordpress plugins and themes to build many different websites to serve my job’s needs. The themes and plugins were professional and easy to use.My favourite author is @OnePress with the plugin “Social Locker for Wordpress” it did help me a lot in sharing my posts with more audience.My current project is Free image hosting and i am still interested in finding more useful plugins and script to support my job.

Thank Evanto community for enabling me to do job more effectively .


Hi, My name is Douglas Taylor and Envato is like a candy store to me, I can’t seem to stay away. I live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and I am a retired Emergency Room Registered Nurse. I do not have any particular agenda nor am I attempting to make monetary gains from my purchases here at Envato. I had a heart attack a few years back and apparently suffered some decreased cognitive ability in the process.

At this point I am trying to keep my mental status active and this is the real reason I buy things here. Very high quality and well organized products that are easy for me to “Break Down” so to say, and learn how they were created. I really enjoy this hobby of mine. Thanks Envato, Douglas Taylor


Hi guys,

My name is John, I’m a graphic designer.I’m from UAE.
I like graphic river and the items posted for print templates.
I don’t have a favorite author at the moment, but i like most
of the items posted by the top and the trending authors.


Hi there - I’m Abdalrhman from Turkey, I’m a freelance Graphic designer, I always check out new Presentation Templates and HTML Website that i was using at the beginning of my freelance career, but now after i had experience from working on presentation I’ve decided to become Envato Author and publish my own Presentation Templates. my favorite author is srcn.