Another reject. Please help!

Hey guys what’s up! A week ago I wrote another composition and upload it on AJ. I was sure about this item. But today reviewers rejected it. I have a question. Whats wrong with my composition? Can you answer in detail please?

There’s my item:

Thank you! :upside_down_face:

I think cellos sound a bit unrealistic with almost no dynamics, and you definitely need some kind of transition when drums kick in, otherwise they sound like «all of a sudden». I like the idea of the track, but it needs some polishing, I think.


Item unavailable on soundcloud, so difficult to help you, sorry…

Oh sorry. Its my fault. Now you can listen :upside_down_face:

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Thanks. I 100% with what @Theo_Sound said.
The composition idea is fine I guess, but there are no changes in volume for the strings… and the drums lack progressivity or change in volume too… a bit too robotic.

But I like the composition, with the music box/bell thing. You just need to polish the sounds and the mix, as I think the composition idea is nice.

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I agree… lack of dynamics, naturalness. although idea is very cool…

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