New track version rejected, why? Thanks! :)

Hi dear authors,

this is my last track rejected, some advices or comment? What is wrong?

Many thanks! :slight_smile:

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hi… i dont know maybe the strings’ levels need to get lower and the ending is abrupt.
but in my personal view…I LOVE the composition …it’s the kind of music that gets stuck in the head…I’m actually playing it over and over endlessly.
Anyway, keep uploading putting the customers’ needs in mind…best wishes and great job


Wow, thank you so much @MusicBundle, I really appreciated your comment, very kind! :blush:
I don’t know, the sound of accompaniment is a synth and perhaps the first part is too loud, maybe a strings sound could fit better the track… Anyway, I’m very glad you liked my track! Best wishes and good luck you too! :wink:

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Just keep uploading

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Thank you @PrestoSound, the problem is that it seems to me more difficult to get an approval in this time, sometimes I listen to good tracks from other authors that get a refusal, if is not possible to know the reasons, it is very hard to have a chance to improve the own work…

Hi, sounds too complicated to me.

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Thanks @Audioland for the feedback! :blush:
I don’t know, maybe you’re right, it seems to me catchy enough, there are not a lot of instruments in conflict but it could be as you say… thanks!

Well, I think it sounds dated, especially the synth, with an odd combination with a modern beat. And I think it’s too busy - the piano is playing constantly, no room to breathe. And I feel the bass needs to be completely reworked - notes and rhythm.

It’s like it’s trying to be modern, but can’t escape sounding 50% dated. It’s hard to explain, but that’s the best I can put it right now.

Anyway, it’s always subjective, and that’s just what I thought of when listening to it. Best of luck! Just keep going.

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Many thanks @Flumen for your advices! :blush:

I don’t worked much on bass, because the track would have been too complicated, I choose a simple line, but it’s true, the piano is too present… If I change the synth with a strings ensemble, could I improve the track? Anyway, thank you so much for your time, cheers!

The piano is a bit loud and sound flat (too much compression) to me. At least, it miss definition and attack. Your kick drum sound tiny, maybe more bass/sub in it… You have not enough sub and hi mid for what you have bass, low mid and treble in your mix. Add more sub to your kick. The bass sit in the bass, piano is sitting in the low mid-mid. Your choir like pad could be over that in the in the mid-hi mid range to fil the hole here. Your strings like pad could sit just over in the hi mid and could have more treble and on the top you have your hi hats in the treble. like that the spectrum is full and each instrument has is place.

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Thanks so much for the comment @AnthonySigouin, then do I have to reduce the volume of the piano or try to equalize it reducing the low mid - mid freq? More bass for the kick and more treble for the synth/strings?
I don’t know if I understood well, sorry!)

Thank you for your time and your advices! :slight_smile:

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Try a low shelf on the piano to diminish The low mid a bit or maybe try higher velocity if it’s a multi dynamics layers VST just to get a bit more brightness/definition and attack.

Yeah more bass and sub on the kick.

You could try to make a place for each of your synths somewhere in the mid-hi mid because piano and synths seems to be one on each other in the spectrum in the low mid and mid a bit. I would hear the strings synth more bright. It’s good to have 2-3 bright elements in a mix in general.

Try Voxengo SPAN. It’s a free spectrum analyzer. It can be very helpful but use your ears in priority.

Only my opinion.

By the way, I like the vibe of your track!

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Thanks for the tips.

Thanks a lot Anthony, very kind! :slight_smile:

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Nice background music.
I agree with MusicBundle.
When piano is play main motive strings levels is too high.
And for me maybe change in the mix piano sound.



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Thank you so much @Musicphrase, very kind! :slight_smile:

Composition and chord progression works. But usually, when it comes to corporate tracks, symcopation is frowned upon as too distracting. Keep that in mind. Cheers!

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Thank you so much @InfinityMusicProduct, I appreciated your comment! :slight_smile:

Hi all!

I tried to follow your advices to improve my track, but the new version has been rejected some hour ago… What you think? What is wrong now? Hope in some opinion, thank you so much! :blush: