I don't understand.



I’m really confused.

This track got rejected the first time, so I asked for some advice here on the forums.
This was the original version:

I received some great feedback regarding the mixing and arrangement, so I improved it, and posted it here again to ask for feedback on the new version before re-submitting it. There were some more suggestions on small changes, so I improved some more aspects as well.

This is the new version (2 different lenghts):

Turns out it got rejected again.

I really don’t understand this. They give us no reason for why it’s rejected, and ask us to get feedback on the forums, which is what I did. And then after improving the track I ask for feedback again before sending it and it seemed to be ok, according to the other authors here. But since I can’t get an actual feedback from the reviewer, it’s hard to really know what’s wrong with the track just from the other authors opinion.

Well, sorry for the vent and long text.

I’d like to ask if there’s still any major, noticeable problem in the song that could be preventing it from getting accepted? Or is the problem the song itself?

Should I just stop trying to improve or fix this track for this purpose, and just try working on another one?

I’d also like to say I’m really grateful for the feedback I’ve received, because it really helped to improve my track from what it was before, regardless of getting accepted or not.

Thanks once again.

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the track is beautiful, so in my opinion, I think that the music is still empty a little bit and need more instruments like pads or strings and percussion maybe? I don’t know but if you do, it can fill the void.
I hear a white noise on the whole track in the background, is that done on purpose?
otherwise, the idea and melodies are beautiful.
I wish you good luck


I think once you reach a certain level, like this track has, there really isn’t much sense in trying to figure out why it got rejected on AJ. It’s more down to differing opinions than it is any sort of concrete “problem”. One reviewer might have accepted it while another rejected… not really much you can do.

I think this track sounds great, I wouldn’t touch it and just upload it other places.



Let’s be honnest.

First to me it’s sound like a demo. There no really main idea. You have to define construction. You have to improve mixing and mastering. But It could be good with a voice over why not. :slight_smile:

But the main problem is, is your track suitable for any kind of video project ?

When you compose a track for stock markets like audiojungle you have to imagine if your music can be suitable for video about any subjects like sport, fashion, technology, hobbies or any others subjects.

Your music must bring something to the video.

Majority of buyers here are video production companies and they want quality music for their projects.

To be honnest i think the main problem is because your track is not really suitable for any video subjects…

Listen to best sellers, top new tracks and you will get an idea of what Audiojungle and buyers want. Go on youtube and listen music used in videos.

Then when you compose, imagine for which subjects and go on youtube turn off the volume and look a video with your music on. If your music brings something to the video that’s a really good step.

All the best,


Hey @SprodMusic. Yeah, I could try that, though I don’t know what other instrument would fit.

That’s weird. The older version had a vinyl crackle I added to make it sounds more lo-fi, but the new one shouldn’t have any noise. I’ll check it out.


@RobertReid I guess that makes sense. I’ll probably try that, and work on other tracks for uploading here. Thank you.

Thanks for the honest feedback.

I know it’s subjective, but what do you think makes it sound like a demo? Is it amateurish overall, or is it something more specific the arrangement, the mixing…? If you see the older version, you’ll see I really improved the mixing.

Right, maybe that’s the problem. Still, the email read “Your submission doesn’t meet our quality requirements”. If it was that, it should have read “Your submission does not have sufficient commercial utility”.

But I really appreciate this piece of advice, and maybe that’s where I’m lacking now.

I’m new to this, and I don’t really have too much knowledge about what kind of video projects use what kinds of tracks. I did listen to some of the best selling tracks, and they all use words like “corporate, motivational, fashion, blog, sports videos” etc. But I don’t really know any real-life examples of these in use.

This idea of testing my compositions on videos is great, I’ll make sure to try it next time.

But for now, I think I’ll need to research some more about these kinds of video projects.

If anyone could help me with that, I’d be glad. Like a place where I can see some example videos, or learn which styles of music fit each kind of video.


@jpmbianchini you’re welcome !

The 2nd version is clearly better than the first one but yeah still sound a bit amateurish to be sold on AJ. By demo I mean your track sounds like an idea for a future project, not a finished track. It’s not subjective, believe me.

“Your submission doesn’t meet our quality requirements” Its a very general reply and it could mean a lot of thing, like quality, commercial utility etc…

And the lenght is too long. 2:30 is enough and the general average duration here.

For example here a track for real estate I’ve just found. I tried to find something close to your track.

You see this track is simple but it’s good, cause it’s well produced and there is an idea, a development, a building, break, outro…

It suits really well with the video, but you can also imagine this music for a video about nature, adventure etc…

There are plenty of examples, just search on youtube, adventure videos, nature, hi tech, corporate presentation or search blogger and vloggers videos…

Here another good example :

Hope it helps ! :slight_smile:


well… this music used in the DJI Mavic Pro is a bit more than a simple stock track…
I found it was too good to be just this, and yes, it is indeed an extract of a real album.

It sounds really really nice… I don’t know if it is a “good” example of stock production music… but it is indeed an very nice piece of music! Thanks for sharing it!! And also thanks for the other stunning video (where, surprinsingly, by the way, the music is totally unprofessionally cut at 1:04… which sound wierd given the gorgeous quality otherwise…)


Hi @frozenjazz yeah you right but you can find some similar tracks here and it’s a good example of how to develop a track and make it suitable for videos.

For the other yeah indeed I didn’t notice the cut at 1"04. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tips, everyone.

I’ll definitely be studying some more about this kind of composition.

Thanks for the suggestions and examples!

Also, @Vermair, you said sounding amateur is not something subjective. So could you tell me, what makes my track sound amateur? Or what makes any track sound amateur in general?

I said subjective in the sense that it’s not a concrete thing. Like saying “the mixing is amateurish”, it’s probably just because it sounds amateurish, but it’s hard to know the objective reason(s) for it sounding like that.

Not sure if I explained it properly…