Have no idea why this item was rejected...

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Could be the mix
Could be arrangement
Could be sounds used
Could be that Audiojungle is finally becoming more sophisticated
Could be that I do not know what I am talking about.


@MoosBeat . The track itself is pretty mundane and common. There is no creativity involved ( musically speaking). There are leading themes fighting for their space. Despite the fact that this issue could be fixed in the mix, it will still mess with the listener’s perception. Mix-wise: is not mixed. And what is worse is the fact it shows no intention of the mix. One thing is to be poorly mixed, and the other is the lack of intention. There are certain things in the arrangement which do not help at all. E.G. the open high-hat. It does not belong to this genre, and the programming is working against the track’s drive. So as a conclusion. : Poor selection of sound. ( sound design ), Poor arrangement - instruments are working against each other, Lack of mixing/mastering. ( multiple resonant build-ups, instruments which are buried in the mix, lacks compression and depth.) Please take that with a grain of salt. What I’ve been saying has the purpose to find your mistakes and maybe guide you to a better result.


Hey MoosBeat,

Nice track, good selection of instruments! Simple, but tasteful.

As Soundtrickz said, what it lacks is a commercial mix/master to give it more of that pro “zing”. Listen to some of the best sellers and you’ll get the idea.

Best of luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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hahahahaha I needed a good laugh