Got another reject! Need your Help guys! :)



If you have a time please take a look at this work. And tell me whats wrong here please.
Of course if you have a time.


I think that the bells sounded loudly , the failure due to the fact that the bad mixing the tools !!!


I really like it, do not even know what to say, for some reason, it was a failure.
Perhaps (glockenspiel or celesta) seems to me a little loud and a little too sharply. Because the band sounds pretty soft, but (glockenspiel or celesta) sounds very close, not one. And the code - it seems too short.
reviewers like when full final)))


Hi , @_Blacksmith , I agree with @WildLion_Production and @ARCHIMUSIC , it’s probably because of the bells, but if you ask me , this track is supe fine :slight_smile:


Yes, try to put every instrument into the same “acoustic space” and you should be fine.


Beautiful melody! I really like it from a composition point of view, you are very talented. The only reason I can think for rejection is the mixing, but even there I don’t think it’s a real problem, I’m just LOOKING for problems. Maybe because it’s so short? They may feel that it’s not good value for money at that length? Although there are short compositions on AJ, they have a lower price tag.

Keep composing, and good luck, you have written a lovely lovely melody there.


Thanks man!


Thanks to all here. I`ll try to fix those changes and try again