First upload to AJ. Hard reject. Feedback please?

I would be grateful for some feedback on this hard rejected track. Thanks very much!

Very good!! but I listening on the phone speaker.

I think this sounds great! The only thing I noticed was the glockenspiel was a bit loud and somewhat piercing in my headphones, but not enough to warrant a hard reject in my opinion.
Very nice ending!

Yes the glockspeil may fit better if its on the first bar only (in every chord).

Sounds good on my headphones minus the piercingness of the glock.

I have no clue why this great composition would be rejected. I think it sounds fantastic. I’m astounded.
Keep up the great work. See if you can get some answers from Envato.

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Hello! My first impression was " Why so quiet? My sound system is off? No, it’s ok. Hmm…". So I think you need to increes the loudness at the begining and equal the dynamics along all theme. Then maybe you should to force some instruments with additional layers but another libraries to enrich the sound. And the last, I think the shaker after 1:00 is excess and it’s waste the rythm, difficult to understand it’s purpose. Otherwise, track is nice! IMHO. Do not take offense :slight_smile: Good luck!

Nice work! You might try rolling off some high end in general. In addition to the glock issue pointing out by previous posters, the cymbal swell is also a tad harsh. Other than that - I too fail to understand why it was hard-rejected.

Nice work! Sounds good. I really love the strings and horns sound. What is this? Kontakt library or exs 24?

Hi, nice piece. Things like the glock and the mix are a matter of taste I guess…no horror story moments for me listening to it. You might want to check for any distortion etc just in case something slipped under the radar (I am currently only on a tablet so hard to judge). I think a pass through some decent mastering software to even the dynamics up a bit might be a consideration as the race towards loudness has kind of pushed everybody towards punchier sounding tracks. It’s not neccessarily a good thing but seems to be par for the course etc… otherwise on a quick listen I liked it.

The only thing I find out of place is the percussive shaker sound (not glued enough with the rest of the instruments within the arrangement). Maybe replace it with a less distracting sound?(Or even remove it from the composition). But apart from this, it is a good track, so it’s a bit puzzling why it was hard rejected.

Oups, I wrote «shaker» but I meant the percussive hi-hat (or whatever it is) from 0:25 to 0:48. Sorry.

Thanks! It is almost all 3rd party Kontakt libraries. CineBrass, CinePerc, Drums of War 2 (CineSamples), Berlin Woodwinds, Cinematic Strings 2, Olympus Elements (Choir), Damage, and Kontakt Factory (for the harp).

And thanks to you fine folks for giving me feedback! I didn’t think the glock was a huge issue. To me, it sounds like a glock played with hard mallets. I actually have a glock, and that’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It’s one of the things that helps it cut. But I suppose one man’s cut is another man’s rusty knife to the ear drum.:slight_smile:

The track is “mastered” to a point. The master bus has an EQ, compressor, multi-band compressor, and Limiter no.6. Limiter no.6 has an additional compressor, multi-band peak limiter, HF peak limiter, and true peak limiter. With all of those in the stack, I keep the squashing pretty conservative. My goal is between “iTunes loud” rectangle and something with some life.

Perhaps a reviewer listened to the first 10 seconds and thought, “no oboes at Audio Jungle” and hit the trap door button.

Maybe I will upload another track but with a 22 day approval wait, it’s really not too inviting. I wanted to do a lot of writing for AJ this year, but this has really put me off. I could understand if the track was el’ garbage, but it is a track that I am proud of.

What do I do with this track? Feels like a complete waste of time.

p.s. - I know it really doesn’t matter, but I am also an Envato tutorial and course instructor with over 50 audio video tutorials and 26 video courses. The tuts and course folks are excellent to work with, so this is a bit of a contrast.

It is concerning because in my opinion, it is a very well done piece of music. It’s also a shame that a better feedback policy is not offered. Best of luck.

maybe it was a mistake

I think that this mistake proves that the reviewers are human! :smiley:

Sounds quite good actually, glock a bit loud indeed, but that’s soft reject material. I’m sure you’ll get a track accepted one day!

Actually, I remember, on some week there was a featured orchestral track on AJ with solo oboe :wink: So it’s not the case.
Nice track tho! I like it. The only destructing thing is glockenspiel, in my opinion. Maybe ,make it a bit quieter, and cut some resonances.

Compositonallly, the track is quite strong. However…

IMHO, this track is lacking in dynamic contrast and, thus, sounds programmed rather than performed. Phrases have little, if any, contour to them. I don’t hear much difference in velocity within each phrase. This is particularly noticeable in the oboe at the outset. Oboists would shape attack, release and phrase, but the oboe here does little, if any, of that. In addition, each note is articulated in the same way.

I think this was rejected due to lack of realism. I think if you start varying velocity, expression and volume and begin to think like a performer, you will have a winner of a track here. Put this up against a real performance and I think the difference will become clear soon enough.

Good work. Just needs some humanizing.