Question about selling music with copyright


i am not sure if this is the right place to make this question, i am new to the site, so i apology in advance if is not.

i am a composer, producer, also make the mix and the mastering myself. i discovered audio jungle a few days ago and got excited about it.

i have a lot of music and i would like to upload it to sell it here, however i am a bit confused, because the website clearly say “royalty free music”.

i am a member of a PRO and i always send them my music, they add it to their catalog, i have my IPI number as a member and a composer, then my question is:

the music i have sent to my PRO is non royalty free?,

i dont understand if royalty free music mean that is something that is not related to you legally?

another thing is, i have some music, that is beign distributed by cd baby, and tune core is managing the public administration.

the music i have in tunecore and cd baby catalog isnt “royalty free”?

so i have two scenarios:

  1. music that is registered in my PRO and is not beign distributed by cd, and not beign managed by Tunecore public administration

  2. music that is registered in my PRO and is its actually in cd baby and tunecore catalog for distribution and public administrarion, and have youtube contentID.

can i sell my music in audio jungle in those scenarios?

in case i cant, what should i do to be able to sell my music here?

i thank you in advance

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Hi! There is community guide about PRO and AJ. Hope this helps!


thank you :smiley: i will read it

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Hey @rinotirri, welcome to AudioJungle!

AJ allows PRO music and you are fine to distribute music for streaming services because it’s for listening purposes only (ie not actually licensed for use in a product)

PRO music is still considered ‘royalty free’ because the buyer never pays performance royalties, unless they are the broadcaster themselves.


Wao thank you very much for the information,

i have many things clear now, the only thing i still need to know is that if my distribution company (cdbaby) control youtube contentID of my tracks will generate any kind of trouble.


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Here you can find a guide about CID The AJ Community Guide #3: Content Identification (CID)


cool, very usefull TVM :smiley:

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… or venue owners, or event organizers,…

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Nice It’s good :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: