Help needed: start selling on AudioJungle

Hey there guys. I have a lot of recorded tracks that I created with time, and now I was thinking “why not, I could sell them on AudioJungle!”. But I need a little bit of help here. I mean… these tracks should be previusly unreleased? I have some of them already uploaded on YouTube. Is this a problem? Thank you in advance for any reply!


Hi @Dakoom. You have choices to make about how to sign up at AJ and use your tracks. If you sign up with a NON-EXCLUSIVE (NE) account you are free to sell those tracks on other websites etc. If you sign up with an EXCLUSIVE (E) account, any tracks you have on that account cannot be sold on any other websites. You are welcome to have both types of accounts here, NE and E, where you can manage both types of tracks separately.

More info can be found HERE

Hope this helps, and good luck!


Thank you a lot, @MidnightSnap! Well, I have them on YT, but I’m not really selling them. So, as far as I can understand… would be okay if I start to sell a track that is already uploaded to YouTube, right?

I would avoid youtube unless you watermark your songs, because people can download them from youtube for free. Otherwise, no, uploading them to youtube isn’t the same as selling them so there is no infringement on your author agreement with Envato. But, that also only matters if you are exclusive to Audio Jungle in the first place.

With regards to other markets to sell, as stated in the rules:

Am I permitted to sell personal listening music versions of existing AudioJungle tracks via third party digital music stores such as iTunes® without affecting my exclusivity?

Yes you can! We’ve got more information here.

I.e. you are not able to sell via other stock markets, but you can sell for personal purposes via the stores like iTunes


Thank you guys!

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