selling released music on AudioJungle

I have a question=)
If I have music already released on beatport/juno/itunes - can I sell it here as exclusive author?
I think its different licenses, on beatport only for listening, here on AJ for commercial use

thanks for answer) and sorry if this question already was here

Yep, you sure can :wink:

Exclusive authors can sell their music on other sites like iTunes and Bandcamp - as long as the music is there for listening purposes only.

Are you sure about exclusive authors? Bandcamp for example you can make an album with your aj tracks, to choose your price and to sell there and here as exclusive? Bandcamp is for listening purposes? I don’t know, maybe i’m wrong…

no) question is not about to upload AJ tracks to beatport/juno/bandcamp/itunes :slightly_smiling:
question is if I can upload here on AJ my tracks already released on beatport etc. :slightly_smiling:
like this

if they will be approved :slight_smile:

As long as it’s for personal listening purposes only. The moment you start selling actual licenses elsewhere on exclusive AJ tracks is when you are in violation of the terms.

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Ok, thanks!

yes mam, this one I know:) I’m not planning to upload my AJ tracks somewhere

check pls my above question :slightly_smiling: )

Hey there!

Welcome to AudioJungle. @AurusAudio told you that you can, maybe you didn’t understand?

We’ll try to be as clear ad possible. If you have tracks, for example, on iTunes (just for listening purposes), you can indeed choose to license them exclusively through AudioJungle.

Is that clear? :slightly_smiling:


cool) thanks for help!

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