Changed to non-exclusive, what now?

I just have a question about my items that are now on my portfolio on AJ when I used to be exclusive. Is it possible to reupload the items to other sites, when I become non exclusive or are they stuck to the exclusive state?

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If you become non-exclusive author you can sell on other sites according to the rules )))

But can I put my existing songs that are on audiojungle to the other sites as well or just the new ones I will make?

All songs. This is possible on non-exclusive account.

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Thank you :slight_smile: I know I can’t promote other sites here, but if you guys are non-exclusive, could you pm me with other sites that you recommend please? Right now Im on 2 sites only.

See your private messages.

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Remember that there is a one month grace period when you switch from Exclusive to non-Exclusive. So you’ll have to wait before uploading to other sites.


Hey John I’m thinking along these lines also - could you pm me that list of alternative sites? Thanks

Even exclusive elite authors selling their tracks for 0.99 on itunes at the moment, :slight_smile:

Yes, iTunes is not a production music marketplace, so there is no breach of exclusivity. This is perfectly fine and explicitly allowed.