Going exclusive - opinions?

Just joined up to Audio Jungle. First 2 comps in review queue, which is exciting!

I have signed up as a non-exclusive for now, just to test these waters. I was wondering what people’s opinions were on going exclusive. Pros, cons, benefits, downsides…?

Did those of you who are exclusive start out as non-exc and then made the switch later? What made you want to assign your loyalty to Audio Jungle above other sites?

Not trying to ask a loaded question - I’m just interested so I can make an informed decision for myself.


For me, it was pretty simple - I was only selling these particular songs on one other site, and suspected Audiojungle had better potential, so the increased revenue was worth removing them from the other site. I don’t regret my decision.

Exclusive from the start to get a better percentage. Sell music other places but keep the music here exclusive for AJ, so I wouldn’t say I have assigned my loyalty to Audiojungle.

Ok, so by “sell music other places but keep the music here exclusive for AJ”, do you mean that you make a bunch of compositions for AJ and only AJ, and then a bunch of compositions for other royalty free sites? For the latter, do you use a different name / ID, to maintain the exclusivity on AJ?

I think, no matter what you decide, going thru the mills of the review accept/reject routine, you`ll end up with some quantity of rejected files, which you can use at other sites, so my vote is for exclusive. :wink:

Thanks Soundlufs. Would you need to use a different artist name / ID on other sites to maintain exclusivity? Or would it be acceptable to use the same artist name as the one used on AJ, but just ensure that the music is different on other sites?

My personal experience is it’s absolutely worth it to go exclusive on AJ. I don’t have much experience at other marketplaces, but from the other side I’ve never been disappointed in my decision to go exclusive here.
I guess, you can use same name everywhere. :slight_smile: and it’s good for promotion too. It’s same thing as branding.

p.s. my English is all over the place, so nevermind that :sweat_smile:

If you sign in to exclusive program there is a 30-day opt out cooling period. So once you’re in you will have to wait 30 days to get out.

Being exclusive on AJ doesn’t mean that you have to produce music for AJ only, it means that every item you sell within your exclusive AJ account must be available only on AJ. You can also have two accounts on AJ, one exclusive and the other non-exclusive.

Its only the music you submit here thats exclusive to AJ, not everything you produce.

@alcalbg that’s not a big issue, considering the review queue is 30 days atm!!

@OsamaSayegh awesome. That’s what I was hoping for. I didn’t want my artistry to be exclusive, but my music on AJ can be…

@Hyperprod ok great. So I can produce tracks for AJ and tracks for other sites and use my name across all. I was hoping that exclusivity on AJ didn’t mean artist exclusivity. I’ve done that before with a label, and the lack of freedom frustrated me.

As far as I know, exclusivity is for tracks only, so just keep it decent by making sure exclusive tracks stay on AJ only, and that`s it.

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There’s no one right answer because it all depends really. For many artists it might indeed be worth it to be exclusive but then again for me it would be bad decision that would lower my total royalty free music income by 50-60%. But if I wouldn’t have reasonable volume of sales on other sites, I’d consider again. But will everybody have stable sales on many places? It’s hard to tell until you try.

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I was exclusive here for years until I realized that I had a single track at another site that was selling better than my entire portfolio on AJ. I went non-exclusive and although it hasn’t increased my sales on other sites much, weirdly my AudioJungle sales have actually increased.

Its worth trying both to see.

Exactly :slight_smile: