New Member.. Hello Audiojungle!

Hi :slight_smile: I’m new here and just wanted to say hello to the community.
I’ve been reading the forums for quite some time, unsure if uploading here is worth it, but since it’s finally possible to upload PRO registered music and the community seems to be really nice, I decided to give it a go. Non-exclusively for now, maybe adding an exclusive account if things go well. What made you decide on going exclusive or non-exclusive (or both)?
Are there any news on the quite weird looking item naming due to the search algorithm?
Can’t wait to connect with many of you guys :call_me_hand: Have a productive day! :sunny:


I’m non exclusive right now… maybe in two years I will change my mind… :slight_smile:
it’s good to give a try, and you will se what do you want
Welcome and good luck! :smiley:

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Welcome ElysiumAudioLabs - I started as Exclusive here with part of my portfolio and non-exclusive at other sites with other works. Recently I changed my AJ portfolio to Non-Exclusive so I can use that work across other sites as well. So far it’s been an even tradeoff - reduction in AJ earnings per sale is offset by new sales at other sites. However, my goal for doing this is to increase the sales at the other sites; advantage being greater price per sale at other sites. I expect my plan will pay off over time.

I wish you good luck on your journey here!

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Welcome to the club!:wink:

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welcome in the jungle @ElysiumAudioLabs! :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Kannonh! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the jungle! What kinds of genres are you into?

Hi @MidnightSnap! Thank you so much! Did you notice any difference how your files are treated by the algorithm after changing to non-exclusive? Most popular files etc seem to be exclusive…

Thank you @Lemonello :slight_smile:

Thanks so much @SoundCity

Welcome and Good Luck! :grinning::+1:

I have not noticed any difference in the search algorithm results since transitioning to Non-Exclusive.