Returning User in need of some advice.

Hey all, I recently started using AudioJungle again yesterday as a means of selling some of my work. I used to use an account called TorahaUK, but I got a bit tired of the name etc and wanted a fresh start instead of just changing the name. Does anyone know if you are allowed to remove items from one account and put them up on a different account? I have a couple of tracks over on the other account that I wouldn’t mind trying to upload to this one.


As far as I know, you are not allowed to delete and re upload your tracks, but if you contact support they can assist you with moving them in to your new account. I am not sure though if it is gonna do you any good, because the tracks are still gonna be lost in “jungle”.

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Thank you! Maybe i’ll just leave them on the other account. Sounds like too much work xP