My account have been revoked !!! :( HELP ME PLEASE

“Dashboard” is hidden on the main menu - and I can not to do or upload any audio.

When I entering “Dashboard Link” (from history link) written:

" You currently can’t access the Item Upload page because your upload rights for have been revoked. You need to contact Help Team to get them reinstated "

I red all information. But I didn’t understand for which reason they did it and I don’t know how can I restart my account again.

Thanks guys for your supporting !

Hi @Asadli_Pro,

Looks like the review team sent you a message on July 12th regarding this issue. Check your spam folder to see if the e-mail went in there. Meanwhile, I’ll send you a PM with the rejection note in a moment so you can see what the issue is and what action you need to take to get your upload privilege back.

OK man, Thank you so much for your answer and support!
I didn’t find that message (12 July)
So I’m waiting for your note, Please…

Thank you!

am having same issue can u help me with my account thanks