Items rejections on my Non-Exclusive account but....

Hi guys.

Last month I opened a non exclusive account here on AJ. I’ve already have an account but exclusive and every item was approved with no problem.

Things starts to be weird when I began to upload items to my second account. I uploaded over 5 items and all of them were rejected. I was surprised because the mix were not too bad (I uploaded worst items in the past in my first account and were accepted) and the mood/genre for me was fine (acoustic-happy or corporate).

At the beginning I thought that audio jungle did not accept much the idea of ​​having two accounts for the same author, and, in my case, of supporting the non-exclusive one. Also because I must also inform that these items have been approved in other marketplaces without problems.
So doubts have obviously grown.

One day I decided to do a test to see if really the problem was the quality/genre of the songs, as specified in the usual rejection messages.
I loaded a song waiting for the result, which I already knew what it was, without however uploading it elsewhere. As soon as AJ informed me of the rejection, I decided to upload it to my exclusive account to see what would happen and strangely they accepted it.

Now I do not discuss the work of this platform which always remains valid and well done, but honestly I do not like this type of thing. I mean, why did my item was ok for my first account and not for the second one? Why do my items continue to be rejected on the second account while on the first I have no problems? Also because on the first account (the exclusive one) I uploaded materials with a mix that was not really well done which, by my choice, I decided to update, but which was still considered valid.

I don’t know if this problem is encountered by other users / authors but I just want to know why the items that I load on my second account seem to be always rejected, almost automatically.

Has anyone experienced this problem?

As an affiliate of audiojungle I am very sorry because I still like the platform and everything, but if my items are always rejected on my second profile, I will have to make the decision to close it and focus on other marketplaces for non-exclusive materials.

Thank you!


Anyone with this problem?


Sorry to hear about your problems. And I think its weird what you are describing, that the exact same product should not meet the commercial quality standard on one account but at the other one it does. Especially if you are uploading new fresh tracks (not old ones from your exclusive account).

From my observations, it’s not very unusual to hear tracks from small/new authors that are perfectly fine to be approved here and tracks from more experienced AJ authors (including Elite authors) that are really questionable why they were approved at all. Of course I won’t mention any examples here, but my point is that authors are treated differently based on their time on this plattform and probably also highly based on their rejection rate on their account. I also see Elite authors getting really small niche tracks approved which is unthinkable that a new author would get approved. Just to be clear I highly support small niche tracks being approved! Niche tracks is something we need more of here.

But let’s be honest, by now everyone knows that this plattform is not an even playing field and it will most likely never be that. You don’t have to look any longer to Elements to see that authors are being treated differently based on how long they have been here and if they are a reviewer/Envato staff etc or not. It is not an ideal situation that tracks gets reviewed by other sellers of this site, sellers that might have a really hard time nowadays. But it is what it is. I am sure this kind of situations is not uncommon in many businesses. I also got my own part time job because of a friend I was randomly talking to at the right time, not necessarily because I was the best candidate for the job…

If I were you I would not think to much about all of this and rather question if you can go non exclusive on your exclusive account and try to earn more money that way. In my experience going full non exclusive have been a life saver for my income and you can also in a significant degree compensate the loss of commission by raising prices on your tracks here on AJ (without any big decrease of sales). If you don’t have high earnings here on AJ, you don’t have much to loose by going non exclusive. And you can always revert back to exclusive if it proves to be a loss of income.

On the bright side there are also some good actions being done on AJ at the moment like author ID checks of new authors and normally max 2 accounts per author. Hopefully there will come more of these good implementations and at least make this plattform a little less uneven playing field.


Thank you so much for your reply!

I agree with what you wrote.
The thing that still remains really weird is that that track was accepted on my account and not on the other, I mean, it still remains really bizarre as a thing.

Anyway in the end I don’t care much, I will continue to upload songs and see how it will end in the next months or weeks.

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