Can I sell a piece of music that has already been released on streaming services?


I am interested in selling music on Audio Jungle and I have a collection of music that I have released via Spotify, YouTube Music, etc and has been registered with ASCAP. Is it still possible to sell these on Audio Jungle? I am the composer and only owner of the music in question.

Thank you for your consideration and guidance!

I’ve dug around in the documentation (probably should’ve done that first, but at least I’m the one telling myself to RTM…) and it would seem that as long as I don’t opt for exclusivity, it shouldn’t be a problem. But I would still like to get feedback from the community to make sure I am not taking anything else into consideration. Thank you!

Hello and welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

That depends on what type of agreement you have with your distributor, what you allowed them to do with your music, and therefore will be good that you read this article. There is explained everything, but if you have some doubts I suggest you recheck with your distributor prior submitting your music.



Yes, it is possible indeed.

Actually it’s not a problem even if you choose to go exclusive. This is perfectly allowed. The exclusivity status requires you to sell licenses only on Envato.


I’m afraid, it’s too late for that. Audiojungle doesn’t take on new authors. The marketplace is closed to new applicants for the foreseeable future.

Edit: Hadn’t seen @SuzanaTArt’s post. That link has all the information you need indeed.

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Thank you @SuzanaTArt and @PurpleFog!