Uploading to both major music distributors & Audio Jungle?

Hi, I’m trying to sell my music online (non-exclusive) using such platforms as Audio Jungle and other similar websites. However, I also want to upload my music on major music distributors such as Spotify, Apple Music and as well as Youtube just to showcase my works.

My question is:
Can an Audio Jungle author sell their music licensing (non-exclusive) on Audio Jungle, but at the same time upload the same music to the major music distribution platforms(including Youtube, but of course not claiming copyright strike to the official buyers from the websites)?

If there is any terms or articles clearly mentioning about this conduct, I would love to check it.
Thank you.

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Hi, here’s the information that you’re looking for:

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I think you can. However, I’m not sure though. AFAIK only people with exclusive contracts cannot.

Not true. Exclusive authors on AJ can also sell/distribute their music for listening purposes, without breaching their exclusivity requirements.