Can I distribute my music in digital stores?

Hello guys, I wanted to ask you a simple question. I am an exclusive artist here on AudioJungle, Can I still distribute some of my individual in digital stores? For example with Routenote or CDBaby? Or is it necessary that it is not exclusive? Thanks for response!

Hello everybody! I am also interested in this question!

You need to ask envato but I am 95% sure that you cannot.

Exclusive authors are only allowed to sell their items on envato

Yes, all authors can sell their music on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc and this is mostly done by distributing your music via an aggregator such as CD Baby, Routenote or Reverbnation.

What exclusive authors cannot do is license their music on other sites or platforms.

More information on this is found here in the help pages.

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Exclusive authors are allowed to sell and distribute their music on other sites, but for personal listening only. Sites such as iTunes and bandcamp etc are allowed for authors to distribute and sell their music purely on the basis of personal listening. Previously this wasn’t allowed, though the rules changed a few years ago I believe.

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I found this:

"All AudioJungle authors, both non-exclusive and exclusive, are permitted to sell personal listening music versions of their AudioJungle music via iTunes® (and other similar personal-use platforms), on an opt-in basis. "

So yes, it is possible! Thank you guys!

Sorry, I misunderstood your question, I’ve withdrawn my previous post.