Can I publish a CD with music I sell in audiojungle?

Hi All,
I plan to publish a CD in the near future, is it possible to use music which I am selling in audiojungle?
As far as I understand it is possible with both exclusive and non exclusive, can you help me to understand it?

If you’re non-exclusive that’s fine. If you’re exclusive and the CD is for personal listening… that’s also fine. You just can’t sell a compilation of ‘royalty free stock music’ on CD or anything likw that… i.e. anything that would compete with what Envato is offering.

Well… I think that’s fine! You can definitely sell your tracks on iTunes for personal listening, even if you’re exclusive, so it shouldn’t really make any difference if its a digital download or on a CD.

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Yes, this is also my conclusion but is not clearly stated in the FAQ