Exclusivity question

Hello authors, I have an exclusivity question related to professional music releases.

The scenario: You’re a professional musician and release music on albums (on digital distribution websites like Spotify and iTunes). These albums and tracks are obviously available to listeners for entertainment only, not for licensing. But, you also want to sell some of those tracks at AudioJungle. Would that be in breach of the “exclusivity agreement” (if you have agreed to exclusivity with Envato)?

Keep in mind, here’s where it may get a bit tricky: Yes, you have released the music elsewhere, but you haven’t released it for licensing, only for listening and entertainment. So, if AudioJungle was the only (and exclusive) platform somebody could license your tracks, is having them on digital distribution platforms for entertainment still considered a breach of exclusivity?

I apologize if this has been asked before.

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Hey Mat,

The answer is yes, you can sell your Exclusive tracks on iTunes. Aj is a market for royalty-free licensing, and iTunes is for personal listening, so there’s no conflict.


Wonderful, thank you for your response!