Can I release my songs on AJ also as Creative Commons?


as the title says I was wondering if I can release any piece of my music that is already on AJ also on other platforms as Non-Commercial Creative Commons license?
Couldn’t find anything about this in the FAQ or search so I would appreciate any answer.


As an exclusive author, you can’t, as it would void your exclusivity agreement.

is it allowed for non-exclusive accounts? I have a track that is released under Creative Commons Attribution (free for commercial use) but now I want to sell a license for those who don’t want to credit me or impossible to give credits in their content. Thanks

*Interesting topic btw :slight_smile:

Yeah, definitely. As a non-exclusive author you can distribute your tracks wherever you want while still offering them on Audiojungle.

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Awesome! Thanks :smiley:

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And under Creative Commons - Non Commercial - non derivative, with an exclusive account here in Audiojungle? If this music is only here… can this music be registered CC NC/ND?

That would still be distributing your music, so it would conflict with your exclusivity status.

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so is better register under Copyright…

I’m not sure what you mean by that.

mmh sorry for my english… I have some options to register a song: creative commons is one of them… but also I have the known as “all rights reserved”
I thought that this didn’t matter, as long as you ONLY sell your material in your exclusive account of Audiojungle.

Where are you registering your songs? I don’t know what you are trying to achieve, so I don’t know what advice to give you.

In a digital platform “safecreative”. there you can protect and register your songs under creative commons, but also “all rights reserved”. This is a way to certify that your songs are only yours
I’m going to open a help tiket… I want to be sure … :slight_smile:

Alright, I understand better now. :slight_smile:

If you are registering the same music that you upload on AJ, then you have to choose “all rights reserved”. Releasing under Creative Commons means you are distributing your music for free. This is forbidden by your exclusivity status.

yeah… there is a type of creative commons that this cannot be distributed for commercial purposes, this is the Creative Commons 3.0 :smiley: … But now, doesn’t matter… I already changed the status of these songs, and now are “all rights reserved” lol
thank you for your time @PurpleFogSound … please take a beer and let’s celebrate our future big success! :beer::beer:

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I have a response from envato team, and I decided to put this here, just in case some authors have hesitate, and to clarify definitely any doubt :slight_smile:


Thanks for your patience.

The difference between selling exclusively and non-exclusively is only about how much you earn and our author fee as explained here

Any copyright is always yours and we do not ask authors to prove this or do we check this.

What a weird answer from them.

First they do not say anything about Creative Commons which was your question in the first place.

Then there is this:

uh… what?!! In that case, why would anyone sell non-exclusively? If the only difference is how much you get…

How does their answer clarify anything?

i think they don’t care about creative commons, allrightsreserved— etc etc… they ONLY want from you to have your music exclusively with them, if is the case you have an exclusive account. If you do the exclusive program, you win more.