Does giving away free music under Creative Commons licensing breach exclusivity?

Hi guys,

I’ve been giving away my music for free use under a Creative Commons license ( which basically requires the end user to attribute me and provide a link to my SoundCloud. This has been great for marketing purposes since people love free stuff right?

My question is, am I still able to sell these songs on AudioJungle exclusively? Because technically the use of my songs for free REQUIRES attribution, whereas people using my music for commercial purposes (and therefore not attributing me) would still need to purchase a license.


If you want to sell exclusively, then NO. It’s surely a breach of exclusivity. But if you choose to be non exclusive author, then you are free to go.

Just like @FASSounds said. But keep in mind that exclusivity only concerns tracks which you have uploaded to AudioJungle. Other works can be licensed however you like.

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This is specifically prohibited somewhere in Envato’s terms.

People do love free stuff indeed… it doesn’t mean that people looking for free stuff are going to buy from you. Most authors who submitted a “free file of the month” on AJ have seen zero benefit. All they got for it was massive headaches related to ContentID.

If you’re making a living from selling music, then having music available for free is not a good idea. Tens of thousands music authors throughout the world offering one or a few tracks for free have created a massive catalog of free music that’s directly competing with your paying portfolio.