Legal rights inquiry?

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Really happy to join this community, and I hope that I will make great connections here.

I just have a simple yet not easy question to ask you guys,

When you join AudioJungle and create a Non-Exclusive account,

Does it mean that the music content you create is still yours, like under your name? Do you keep the ownership?

What I mean is let’s say someone is purchasing the license of your item, then can he claims that it’s his own? Would your author name appear somewhere or would it be Audiojungle credit or the buyer’s name?

May you redirect me to a thread where I can read more about these legal terms, as I haven’t been able to read more about this so it isn’t quite clear yet for me.

I’d highly appreciate your help.

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It all depends on the license. Also, try to read here -

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Hey there, and welcome to the Envato Community! This is the Exclusivity Policy with all the legal terms inside. Pretty much covers everything. You can also check the link my colleague @AUDIOSPORT posted, it’s filled with great info, and as always if anything is unclear or you need solid legal information from experts, you can always hit the Support Team with a message and they’ll explain everything by opening a support ticket here ->
Envato Help and Support

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You should find all the info you need in the links provided in the previous post.

As to your specific question, you always retain all copyrights to your items. This is true whether you’re exclusive or non-exclusive. You are the sole owner of your creative products. When someone buys a license they can only use the item as per the license terms and can never claim it as their own.


Thank you guys for the help :wink: