About the Copyrights ( Youtube, itunes, Spotify etc.)

Hello there,

I have a question in my mind, I can not reach the answer clearly.

Let’s say; someone who bought a track from our portfolio and wrote lyrics on it and planning to publish it on the platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Youtube.

On the other hand; another buyer bought it in the same way and published it on the same platforms.

Is there any copyright in this case?

Or, under which license does the customer need to buy in order to avoid copyright infringement?

If there is any knowledge about this subject and if it is shared, please rejoice …

Music bought on Audiojungle cannot be used as songs by buyers who would write lyrics and add vocals. This is strickly prohibited.

Buyers cannot republish the music, nor can they assume ownership of the music. So there shouldn’t be any such problems.

If a buyer does anyway (because, they didn’t know, or didn’t care), it will results in a lot of headaches for the author and other buyers.

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Thanks for the answer…

But, what should we do in such a situation?

While we are not aware of such a situation, we can’t control that properly.

Also, a lot of author are selling beats for rappers. There is a still question mark here…

Contact support if you encounter any instances of this happening. They’ll be able to advise.

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There is not much you can do, and I doubt Envato support would be of any help.

Depending on the case, you may have to prove your ownership of the music, this may require proofs (timestamps,…) and time. Or you could explain to your mistaken buyer they can’t do that, sometimes, this is enough.

A good way to prevent this, or at least to be made aware of the issues, is to register your tracks with ContentID.

Not allowed on Audiojungle. AJ is not the place for this.

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Thanks a lot for the answers… @PurpleFogSound @SpaceStockFootage

I also wait the answers from the admins…

Don’t hold your breath… :wink:

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