Can an author license his own tracks and issue these licenses to buyers?

Can an author license his own tracks and issue these licenses to buyers?

I’m not talking about AJ tracks. I mean direct sales. Author > buyer.

No - anything purchased through envato marketplaces an only use the licenses from there

I’m not talking about AJ tracks. I mean direct sales. Author > buyer.

Depends on if they are exclusive authors or not

Authors who have nothing to do with marketplaces.

Even if they are an exclusive author on Audiojungle, if the tracks aren’t on Audiojungle, the author should be able to do whatever they please with them right? I thought exclusivity only pertains to what is in the audiojungle portfolio, not all works of the author.

Exactly - if it’s not for sale on envato then it’s entirely up to them.

It’s only in the latest post above yours that explains this related to authors not connected to the marketplaces

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Yes. Can independent authors license their tracks and give those licenses to buyers? Is it technically possible?

Assuming this is all taking place off envato marketplaces and directly between the creator and the buyer then they can do it

There’s a world of legal and other considerations but without a lot more context it’s impossible to outline this

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Look, the authors themselves give licenses to buyers. By the way, these authors sell their tracks on AJ too.

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Does anyone know how I, the author and owner of my music, can create license files for my tracks? If I make a pdf file and name it “License Certificate” will that be considered a license file. Or is it forbidden to talk about it here? Is it taboo?

I’m guessing it would be taboo here since envato will want you to get a license through them. I’m guessing envato wouldn’t be happy if you had a banner on your page redirecting clients to get a license directly from you, kinda like the envato elements banner lol.


I’m not talking about redirecting, about AJ, about stocks.

Kyzo, If you create a track, it is immedaitely your intellectual property and yes you can draft the terms of a music license yourself and issue a license directly to a customer as long as audio jungle is not exclusively representing the track on your behalf.

Not sure why you’d struggle with this concept?

Many producers here write music and never upload it to audio jungle. They retain ownership for themselves and therefore have every right to issue a self written music license as they see fit based on the end usage of the customers project.


End Client:_________________________
Production Company:__________________
Requested by:___________________
Media Rights Granted/ End Usage: Broadcast TV and Internet
Territory: The World
Term: 1 year
License Fee:_______________
Special Notes:____________________________________________________________

Buyer Business Address_________________

Accepted By________________________

Then of course add names and addresses of buyer and seller and a place for the buyer to sign the license agreement. A License acts as an invoice and you should feel free to draft an agreement any way you see fit but these items above are important and typical for every music license issued, whether it be by Envato, yourself, or any stock music platform.

I essentially just created a standard music license form for you, feel free to copy and paste this data onto a word doc so you have a template. Issuing a stock music license does not need to be a 2 page contract of complex legal language. While some companies do write a bible to license a tune for a youtube video project, it’s completely absurd and not necesary. Be careful with “term” or length of time you grant access (or rent) the track to a client. Many licenses are “forever”, but it is also common for companies to only want to “rent” the track for their project for 1 year, 2 years, 3 years…sometimes “in perpetuity” (forever). IMHO there should always be a premium price for “in perpetuity”. Especially if the track gets broadcast on a TV advert for a big brand.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the answer.
I need a license file, or a license certificate that is valid on (HAAWK).