Exclusive autor


Hi guys, I want to know if im an exclusif author, does all my track need to be only with envato or, for exemple I can sell some items only on envato and some other on other website too on the same account, but on these specific track just have 35 % instead of 50 %?


Hi Vincent
Mixing the status is not possible, you only can be either exclusive or non exclusive.
If you are exclusive, it applies on your entire portfolio. However only on the items you upload on envato. Other items still can be sold elsewhere.
(Sorry for my English… :slight_smile: )


Hi @vincent000,

By agreeing to become an exclusive author you are agreeing to license your items on Envato, and Envato only. If you want to sell your items on other marketplaces you’ll have to do so as a non-exclusive author, and you would miss out on the extra percentage cut. A lot of authors here on AJ have two accounts; one for their exclusive tracks and another for their non-exclusive tracks. So if you’d like to get the best of both worlds, this is a good option.

Exclusive AJ authors are permitted to distribute their music on other platforms, but strictly for listening purposes only. You must be licensing your music exclusively on AJ to meet the requirements.

If you have items available on other marketplaces that you’d now like to sell on AJ exclusively you can do so, but you will need to remove them from those marketplaces before uploading them here. In other words, the term “exclusive” only applies to the present time / right now.


Alright good !